Webinar: Latest Features in ChatGPT & Mid Journey 

Catch up on what you missed over the summer! Discover the latest features on ChatGPT and MidJourney that you absolutely need to know right now.

11 August 2023  
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What Am I Looking At Up There?

I'm looking at all the new features and exciting things that have happened in ChatGPT, Mid Journey, Bard, Bing et al.

Giving back to my marketing sisters and brothers by hosting a lunch and learn session on 31 August at 1pm GMT.

My goal is to share some of my favourite new things that I'll be demo'ing in my courses that roll out this autumn. 
It's free, and will be streaming live on LinkedIn.

I'm challenging myself to try something new, so testing out a new (to me) streaming software. Come along and see if it works.
Because I'm on one of their packages, there is a limit to the number of people who can attend. Registration is essential.

Who Should Come?

  • If you've taken one of my courses before, come to this webinar and get a little refresher.
  • If you're thinking of upskilling to include ChatGPT and other tools in your marketing toolbox, come and get a taster of what they can do.
  • If you don't want to use the tools, but do know what they can do, come.

Before Anyone Asks...

I won't be sharing the recording, or the slides!  This is me road testing some of my new material from my ChatGPT for Marketers course, so you're not getting it!  You can of course, sign up for either the ChatGPT for Ecommerce course, or the tried and tested, now in its 5th iteration B2B Marketers course.

Let's get started

Let's get started
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