The Ai Institute Is Here 

The AI Institute has launched. Bringing AI courses for everyone. Delivered by industry experts with deep knowledge and experience at bringing AI.

14 December 2023  
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The Ai Institute Is Here!

I'm thrilled to announce that my latest initiative, the Ai Institute, has launched.  Offering AI courses for everyone, based of Ireland and with global ambition.

We are committed to delivering the most up-to-date education and content of the highest quality, continually striving for excellence in everything we do.

We make AI education accessible for all doers and early adopter thinkers, moving beyond the what and into the how to. There's a lot of talk out there that just scratches the surface.  The AI Institute courses are for people who want to bring it now and get support while they're doing it. 

All our courses are led by industry experts with deep knowledge, who are leading the way in their respective fields. The emphasis is on integrating AI and benefiting immediately from time savings, cost saving, and improved quality output.  No bla bla. No messing around. Let's just do it.

Based in Ireland, with a vision to deliver AI courses globally, we are initially launching with 5 courses, with more to come early in 2024. Check out the range of AI courses now available:

Let's get started

Let's get started
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