1 Year Since ChatGPT Launched 

What a transformative year it has been.

29 November 2023  
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One year since ChatGPT launched. What an exhilarating year it has been.

For me personally, this has been one of the most thrilling and satisfying years of my career. I can’t begin to express the joy I feel when I see people's eyes light up as they view what they've created, aided by the very latest innovative Ai tools I incorporate in my courses.

The hands-on courses I teach allow everyone to leave having built something - whether through ChatGPT, Bing, MidJourney, Capsule, HeyGen or other cutting-edge technologies.

But beyond my courses, what do these rapid Ai advances mean for our shared future?

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) – where Ai matches or surpasses human intelligence – has the power to profoundly disrupt society.

At last June's Dublin Tech Summit, Dr. Ben Goertzel predicted AGI emergence within 5 years.
Yet just weeks ago, the OpenAI drama revealed it's likely already here.
This changes everything.

Ai will dramatically impact work, far sooner than many realise. And while we rely on Governments to guide legislation, they tend to react gradually. Yet Ai's lightning pace demands more agile responses.

I’ve never witnessed anything evolve so swiftly as generative Ai. As an optimistic early adopter, this speaks to my soul. While I've always derived immense satisfaction from decoding emerging technologies and demonstrating their real-world potential to others, that's not the case for everyone else.

So for those who are stepping gingerly into this Ai future, on the first birthday of ChatGPT, take solace in these: my hot takes:

  • Firstly, we are adopting Ai far more deliberately than we ever did with social media, already considering ethical data use and modeling which is a part of my course. This is  maturity in progress.
  • Secondly, organisations are mobilising to address what’s ahead. The fact that I've been speaking and training so many groups and 500+ people within a year demonstrates that. I have faith that our leaders will rise to meet our potential.
  • And lastly, I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the Ai Institute. As quality Ai education becomes more vital across industries, the Ai Institute will offer inclusive courses fit for any level and role - from IT leaders tasked with adoption, to designers augmenting their work, or anyone seeking Ai literacy.  There is a need for an institution that doesn't just dabble in Ai, but becomes the industry leader. 

I feel a responsibility and I take pride in generating a fit for purpose organisation to provide Ai courses for everyone who wants to embrace this incredible technology. I will build the Ai Institute to be a trusted body delivering Ai training, education and skills programmes for professionals in Ireland and beyond.  We're in this together.

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Let's get started
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