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An exciting time for digital marketing transformation

  • If you’re looking to invest in marketing today, you want to be sure that you are working with a business that can deliver outstanding digital marketing that creates awareness, attracts more customers, and leads to more sales.
  • You want a future focused digital marketer that can seamlessly evolve from web2 (today’s web) with all the principles and practices that we know today, into the metaverse (web 3), coming soon.
  • You want an advisor who can predict when is the right time to move. You don’t want to be too early, and you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity by being late.

The Original Spark - How It All Began

When BNP and Paribas merged to form a new brand, a global set of brand assets was created and sent worldwide. As the newest member of the marketing team in Sydney Australia, I was given the task of updating every touchpoint with the new logo and assets. The French commanders were more interested in business cards and letterhead than websites, and this was my opportunity. The year was 1999.

C’est quoi - le website?

I befriended an IT guy in the bank and fed him content that I wrote myself for an Aussie version of the BNP Paribas website. As soon as the website went live, I placed myself in front of all the top recruiters in the city, announcing myself as a marketer that does websites. A new title was born “website marketing” and I was quickly in hot demand as someone who could do this new thing. 

It was an exciting time where we were making up how to do things. Always testing, discovering what works, and then doing it again. The same methodology I still use today on campaigns: paid social, organic, email or otherwise.

Same Same But Different

Fast forward to today and the advent of Web 3.0 and it all feels a little familiar. Nobody has experience in web 3 marketing yet because it hasn’t been done. You can’t take a course in web 3 marketing, because the principles have yet to be established. We are very close. Different forecasters estimate it as between 1 year and 3 years. Are you ready for the ride?

Here are some of the strengths we believe you should look for when choosing a digital marketing consultant. 

  • Results & Experience

    A no brainer this one, but have they worked across a wide range of platforms on a variety of projects? Like the time we helped Tusla join the conversation on Twitter. We've also helped teams from Dell, ESB, and the Sunday Business Post embrace LinkedIn.  In late 2021, we delivered our first TikToks for a client - a toy shop in Wicklow town - and we trained them in how to delight their young fans themselves. Have they a proven ability to communicate visually?  Video, livestreaming video, visuals, infographics, short form such as Reels, TikToks, and of course the written word.

  • Deep Sectoral Knowledge - we've gone deep on some - hospitality & tourism - hotels, excursions and activities as well as running social media for the business tourism arm of Failte Ireland, and handling the social media for their biggest B2B marketing event.  Political digital marketing is an area where we have delivered numerous election wins. Since Covid, we've worked with hundreds of retailers! Literally.  We were the digital marketing lead in the Superior Retail Programme, a government sponsored programme to help retailers across the country embrace online in order to survive and thrive. Our background is Financial Services and we've been behind many innovations in that sector too - going back to Bank of Ireland Private Banking's core online offering in 2001, to websites and paid social for pension fund managers and wealth advisors too. 
  • Apps & Tools  - we've built our business around using marketing technology apps and tools and we're known for that. In fact, to celebrate our 18th anniversary in business we made this - our 41 tried and tested tools - as a giveaway for anyone looking to scale their digital marketing efficiently. If they're claiming to be great at SEO, use this tool to check out their link strength. Is it growing consistently like ours?  The blip at the end there is due to a massive reorganisation of blog posts. We did a major cull in 2021 because during a global pandemic, what else are you going to be doing, right? 😊
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