Paid Social Media

Google PPC ads are triggered by a keyword search. They put your business forward when there is already a demand.

Social Media ads are triggered by the targeting you choose. They put your business in front of people with the exact characteristics of those who buy from you.

Combining the two is the most effective way to deliver leads for your business.

Google PPC ads plus Social Media ads is known as Paid Media. When Google owns half the internet; and Facebook owns the other half, you’ve got to be sure you are reaching all the people where they exist online.

Our Google Ads certified experts can save you money and increase clicks to your website. Brightspark has been doing PPC since 2003 and Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads since they were invented. They are continually evolving. You can trust us to be on top of the latest ad objectives, targeting options, and budget management to ensure you get the best return from your spend.

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