Catalyst Media AI Content Machine Case Study 

46 Social Channels, 12 Months of Content: Catalyst Media is an AI Content Machine

8 April 2024  
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Imagine managing 46 social channels across booming tech events. Catalyst Media did it, churning out 12 months of content thanks to a strategic AI punch! Here's how they did it…

Catalyst Media, a multi-faceted media solutions provider, based in Dublin, Ireland, has totally transformed the way they work, thanks to AI. The company is well known for its events in the tech space, e.g. Dublin Tech Summit, AI Tribes, etc. They also offer services in digital, traditional media, and C-Suite access,

Tracey Carney, the Managing Director of Catalyst Media, along with key people, Head of Operations, Clare Kilmartin and Marketing Lead Siobhan Human worked together with Brightspark to augment the job roles throughout the organisation using artificial intelligence.

Tracey Carney, Managing Director

Tracey Carney, Managing Director

Clare Kilmartin, Head of Operations 

Siobhan Human, Marketing Lead 


Clare Kilmartin, Catalyst's Rockstar Operations Chief,  attended our AI for Marketing course and realised it could be a game-changer. She called us in to look at bringing AI-powered transformation for the entire Catalyst business, and the rest is history.

This involved a review of existing processes in sales, advertising, marketing, and design, followed by the creation of a bespoke consulting package tailored to the team's specific needs. This involved a collaborative process:

  • Process Review: Brightspark conducted a thorough review of existing workflows across sales, advertising, marketing, and design at Catalyst Media.

  • Customised Training: Based on the findings, a bespoke generative AI training programme was created. This programme (see details below) equipped the entire Catalyst Media team with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI tools effectively.

  • Focus on Practical Applications: The workshops focused on real-world applications of AI tools relevant to each department's daily tasks.

Catalyst AI Tool Training Sessions - Agenda

  • Workshop 1: AI for All: From Robots to Results (Explain what AI is and showcase popular tools)

  • Workshop 2: Content & Sales on Autopilot (Focus on AI tools for content creation and sales enablement)

  • Workshop 3: AI Smarts & the Legal Lowdown (Combine AI policy with design-specific tools)


By integrating AI tools and workflows, Catalyst Media enjoys significant operational, communications and marketing improvements:

  • Increased Efficiency: Repetitive tasks are now automated, freeing up valuable employee time for strategic thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • Enhanced Content Creation: AI assists in crafting compelling website copy, social media posts, and sales materials, saving time while maintaining high quality.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: AI-powered insights guide marketing and sales strategies, leading to more targeted campaigns and improved performance.
  • Empowered Team: Equipped with AI skills, the Catalyst Media team works smarter achieving greater results with optimised workflows.

Client's Testimonial

Clare Kilmartin, Head of Operations 

Clare Kilmartin, Director of Operations & Events/Marketing at Catalyst Media, shares her experience:

“I have found it really, really beneficial. We've already started rolling it out across the company. A number of the tools that we were shown in the course. It's been a brilliant, interactive way to learn AI and just put it to use straight away.”

(Watch Clare's full testimonial)

Tracey Carney, Managing Director at Catalyst Media:

"Partnering with Brightspark was a game-changer for our team. We've seen significant increases in efficiency and productivity across the board. I specifically chose Brightspark because it was the only solution provider that offered a customised training programme that addressed our specific needs and those of each department. AI is no longer a mystery; it's a valuable tool that empowers our team daily to deliver exceptional results for our events. I am proud to say that team Catalyst are Fluent in AI." 

Tracey Carney, Managing Director


15% Time-Warp: Catalyst shaved 15% off marketing time by automating repetitive tasks. Imagine what your team could achieve with that extra juice!

2% increase in open rates, average, across multiple lists (which were already coming from a strong base)

12 months of content - planned, created, scheduled across 46 social channels for multiple events. 

Key Takeaways

This case study demonstrates the power of AI in streamlining operations and empowering teams across diverse industries. Catalyst Media's success highlights the following key takeaways:

  • Executive Champion: Strong leadership support is crucial for a successful AI implementation. Clare Kilmartin's enthusiastic endorsement paved the way for positive change within Catalyst Media.

  • Customised Solutions: A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for AI. The tailored training programme ensured that Catalyst Media's specific departmental needs were addressed.

  • Continuous Learning: Ongoing training and support are crucial to maximise the benefits of AI. This case study exemplifies how collaboration fostered a culture of continuous learning within Catalyst Media.

By embracing AI, Catalyst Media has positioned itself for future success in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Ready to get your team Fluent in AI like Catalyst? 

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