ChatGPT for Marketers

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About ChatGPT for Marketers 🔥

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Lesson 1:  Lesson 1: Start

ChatGPT for Segmentation & Motivations 🔥 Personas + Platforms. LinkedIn Profile Optimisation (let's work on yours). ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn Profiles.

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Lesson 2:  Lesson 2: Content

ChatGPT Prompts 🔥 for Website Content, Blog Posts & Ads. LinkedIn Content: What Types Work? When & What to Post? Live Demo of Canva Online Text to Image App (for LinkedIn Content). Live Demo of Mid Journey for Image Creation. AI Tools for Teams & Content Repurposing.

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Lesson 3:  Lesson 3: Grow

Progress: your prompts in review. ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn Growth 🔥 LinkedIn Lead Gen Sequence powered by GPT. LinkedIn Metrics.

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Lesson 4:  Lesson 4: Email

Lists & Legals: how to avoid Promotions tab! Campaigns & Automations. ChatGPT prompts for email marketing copy 🔥 Email marketing tools (how to choose best one for you). Analyse data to inform decision making.

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Lesson 5:  Lesson 5: Plan

Progress Review. Budget & Resource Planning. ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Planning. Introduction to LinkedIn Ads

About the Teacher

Maryrose Lyons

Meet Maryrose Lyons, the OG of Digital Marketing.
A future-focused marketer with a wealth of experience across all areas of digital. Join this course and learn from Maryrose herself how to use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to save time and stay ahead of the competition. Say goodbye to tedious creation and hello to cutting-edge ideation, research, and planning.