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Embrace The Future Today

Dive into the potential that AI offers with our short course in AI now available through the AI Institute. Your gateway to staying competitive and continually evolving in your industry. 

  • Get a set of curated AI tools that will ease the burden of running your own business.  Practice your prompts and add new capabilities that will streamline your operations and enhance the services you offer.
  • Spread over 4 Tuesday evenings in May, delivered online, this is a must-attend event for self-employed, freelancers, start-up and anyone interested in learning more about AI. 
  • Content is specifically curated to address the needs of non-techie people who want to introduce AI to their workflow and open the door to a more efficient and innovative way of working.

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine how you do things. 

Made For Non-Techie People

Priced at €399, this is an investment that will stand to you for a very long time. Live online learning, spread over 3 Tuesdays, plus you get to come back for one bonus refresher course.  

You've Two Choices

Take every free course you can find, trawl YouTube, and try and work it all out. Or take our short course for beginners. Get a curated set of AI tools, features, demo's and experiential learning. We have helped 500+ people get started with AI in the last year. Now's your turn. 

Zero Technical Barriers

Don't let the technical intricacies of AI put you off.  Brightspark demystifies AI and makes it easy, relatable, practical and fun. This course is suitable for everyone from seasoned professionals to those who are just interested in where it's all going.

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Why learn from us?

About Your Trainer

Maryrose Lyons has helped hundreds of businesses adopt AI into their marketing practice. The OG of Digital Marketing, she also has a Masters in Cyberpsychology, accredited qualifications in UX and Digital Marketing and over 20 years experience operating at the forefront of digital technology. 

Maryrose is skilled at demystifying AI for all skill levels and a proven ability to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Essential Insights 

This course provides essential insights into leveraging AI for non-technical people. The curriculum is continually updated to include the latest AI advancements and presents rigorously vetted tool recommendations for practical application.

The course begins with fundamental concepts, gradually building up to more advanced topics, ensuring a comfortable learning curve over four evenings in May with a group of like-minded individuals.

what they're saying

What You Need To Know Now

Starts 14 May 2024

Live training, delivered online. Tuesdays in May.

Recordings are available but it's advisable not to miss!

what they're saying

what they say

I give this course 5/5 for the following reasons: it's live, so questions are dealt with there and then. There is homework, to reinforce learning. It's recorded. The tools and examples are great. Maryrose is very engaging: no boredom here!

Caroline Stapleton

professional copywriter

I completed the course and have grown my business by 25%. I absolutely loved it, it has made me more productive and love the new skills I learned around A.I. Highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t have enough hours in the day!

Michelle Lawlor

Nude Wines

It is truly remarkable how your course has changed my perspective. My  website sales are up 20% since I started. It's the first time ever I've managed to work ahead! Thank you, Maryrose, for making this journey possible!

Georgia Visnyei

Speciality coffee roaster, artessa coffee

Ready To Change The Way You Work? 

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Redefine how you do things in 2024.

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