Maryrose Lyons is a ChatGPT + GenAI Speaker, MC + Panellist 

Maryrose Lyons is on a mission to help people adapt the way they work and to benefit from being an early adopter of using AI. 

6 November 2023  
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Presenting ChatGPT at Dublin's RDS, January 2023

'This was before the paid version, still GPT 3.5 and very flaky. I was hoping the tech wouldn't let me down while I demo'd the astonishing abilities of this AI to a group of 400 creators at the RDS, Dublin. You will never forget this moment! I told them. For many this was the first time they saw ChatGPT in action.' - Maryrose on her first appearance with ChatGPT.

Maryrose Lyons is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Science who has won international awards for her work. She is a future focused marketer for 20+ years who has a proven talent at spotting trends and backing winners. With ChatGPT and GenAI, she was the first to launch AI courses dedicated to helping marketing and business people augment their workflow and benefit.

An in-demand speaker, MC and panellist Maryrose first rose to prominence through her annual appearances at the IMAGE Business Events where she was engaged to present emerging trends in social media to rapturous and sold out audiences. 

A popular MC for events, her stage at Dublin Tech Summit received the highest positive feedback and she has been rebooked to host again.


A regular speaker on the corporate circuit, Maryrose is trusted by senior management to provide lively and insightful commentary to demystify ChatGPT and AI for Marketers. Here she is presenting at the Maxol conference about the future of digital.

Social media speaker Maxol

With every engagement, Maryrose takes time to understand the brief, the audience, and the expected messaging in order to build empathy with her audience. Energetic, passionate and engaging, she will leave your audience confident to implement ideas, enthused, and inspired.

Topics Maryrose speaks about in 2024:

The Generative AI Revolution
How embracing tools like ChatGPT, Claude, Bing, and Mid Journey can enhance marketing and operations, save time, increase efficiency, and provide a competitive edge.

Implementation and Best Practices for Generative AI
Discussing the integration of AI tools into business workflows and crafting an AI Policy tailored to the needs of a business.

AI  for Marketers: Top 7 Tips
Leveraging AI for enhancing workflow, productivity, and utilising new marketing tools to stay ahead of the competition2

Digital Marketing Strategy
Future-focused insights for driving business growth, covering website optimistion, content creation, SEO, email marketing, social media, and advertising.

AI Policy for Businesses
Why, How & Now is the time to introduce an AI policy to your business


Women Enterprise Day Event MC


Maryrose Lyons has spoken on various occasions at IMAGE events since 2014. She has mentored, delivered keynotes and also moderated panel discussions around the topic of social media, marketing, digital comms and commercial strategy. Every time, there's been huge interest and uptake for her events (full houses each time) and she's presented content that has been both relevant and enlightening to audiences, who leave with some excellent, helpful next steps. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Melanie Morris

Melanie Morris

Editor in Chief, IMAGE Magazine


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