10 Important Questions For B2C Buyer Personas 

24 April 2015  
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We have already discussed how we approach B2B buyer personas, but the rules for B2C are slightly different.

No matter what your product is, it is important to know who your customers are and what drives them to choose you. There’s no need to despair if your business is still relatively new or inexperienced – you’ll be surprised how much these questions will help!

10 Questions To Create A B2C Buyer Persona

1. What age are they?

This one seems obvious but it is important. Age can influence your social media strategy, how this person researches your product, and much more.

2. What sex are they?

Your product may for men or women, but you should still consider your typical buyer. It can help with your messaging and design.

7910370882_39d180fb66_z3. What social media platforms do they use?

Are they ultra cool Tumblr kids? Or Mammys on Pinterest? Questions like these mean you can focus your efforts on the social media platform that will work best for your audience. Although we always refer to this image and point out that for Ireland, Facebook and Twitter are the two primary ones, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. should be used in conjunction with them.

4. Are they spontaneous, or do they carefully consider each decision?

If they shop around, it might help to have reviews on your website. If they’re an impulse shopper a discount might drive a purchase.

5. What benefit, real or imagined, does your product offer?

It is good to consider what your product actually promises this person. What message does your current marketing give them?

6. Do they believe this benefit?

Don’t ignore this one – be honest with yourself! If not, what would make them believe in your product?

7. What ideals do they consider important?

This is a big one. Humour can work really well, but it has to be appropriate. If you know what matters to your potential customer you can find new ways to connect with them. Millenials are more motivated by meaning than money.

5930025654_39f4a812f9_z8. Is price important?

This one is a no-brainer. If they’re penny savers you may need to justify the purchase to them.

9. What stage of the buying journey are they on?

Have they visited your website first or have they been looking at your competitors? Are they close to making a purchase? These things can be really important for your marketing strategy.

10. Is this person going to be the one who makes the ultimate purchase?

Brett Relander gives a great example of marketing kids toys – even though the advertising is aimed at children, it is their parents that will make the purchase. So how will that affect what you do?


16639993497_121a1d984e_zOnce you have answered these questions, no matter what stage you’re at, you will have a much clearer idea of your typical customer. And then repeat! We advise 3-4 personas to cover your bases but it all depends on your business. No one knows better than you.

If you need help with your B2C social media marketing strategy, talk to us. You probably know everything you need to know in order to make your customers buy from you.  Our job is to help you distil that into a coherent plan that will reach your target audience in the places where they hang out.

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