How Brightspark Does Buyer Personas

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66% of B2B marketers in 2021 admitted to neither conducting in-depth persona research to build a deeper understanding of their target market nor using customer journey mapping (58%). Here's a great place to start to address that.

Exhibit A: non-Brightspark

There is plenty of information in here, but are you really going to trawl through all of the text? How much of it do you think you will retain?

b2b buyer personas

A lot of work has obviously gone into creating this persona but it may not do what it sets out to, simply because it requires too much concentration. There is just too much information.

Here’s the Brightspark approach to Personas:


1. Ask Simple But Deadly Questions

We have come up with a simple but deadly set of questions that work across industries and really gets into the hearts and minds of the people we are trying to identify. We don’t believe in building out personas to include all the fluffy details such as favourite foods, music, or anything non-work related.   

2. Bring It To Life Through Design

Our buyer personas work well because they relay the information in a visual manner.  I had reason to work with some personas that were given to me by a client recently – they were done by an actual brand agency – and they looked like Exhibit A above.

If you want everyone on the team to engage with the persona, make it look nice! Add some personality like we did in the example below, which was done for a Professional Services firm – names and some detail have been removed to protect the client’s identity:

b2b buyer personas

Don’t you have a clear picture of who Steve is and what he wants, even with significantly less text? Hopefully if you’re on the client side, Steve will remind you of someone you know!

Good questions that we have evolved over time.

Really get into the head of the persona and try to discover what they need and want. Take the time to think about these two simple things and you will have more focused and relevant B2B buyer personas in no time. 

We’ve got an online learning module about Personas in our Online Social Media Training. If you want to learn more about personas and how to do them well, check it out!

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