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10 March 2016  
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Dublin city noise

Sitting on a pile of dull under achieving content?
Owner of a website where 90% is the Dead Zone?
You don’t deserve to live with uninspiring messages.

Smart Dublin contacted us to inject some life into their case studies

This is an area of the site that should inspire and delight, but the problem was that the case studies writer was someone whose iQ is higher than most, so many of them were hard to compute for the regular guy!

We spent the last month updating the stories and making them adhere to online copywriting best practice. This project was not just about re-writing text; it was also about identifying what information could be better presented visually. We created a series of images for the site that brought the information to life.

Here are my favourites from the Smart Dublin project.


  1. Dublin City Noise


Dublin City Noise


 2.Kilbarrack Fire Station

This started out as a whole ream of text, and stats and facts, but the real story was lost in the telling! We simplified the language and designed some cute infographic style images to show the benefits and we cut the word count by 156%.

carbon neutral fire station

Neil McCabe Quote


3. Smart Bins

May not look like much to you, but this was one intricate piece that I chopped and re-chopped without losing any relevant information.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 16.05.23

It has been so interesting to work on this project; I now know more than the average citizen about all the many exciting projects that are taking place in Dublin to make it smart. Smart Dublin is a collaboration of technology, city, and citizens. Our ideas can be heard, and test bedded by the city and its technology partners.  Solving city problems in this way brings a better quality of life for all.

The first call out for ideas is the Smart Dublin Cycle Challenge.  More on that here.

If you would like to have a conversation about how Brightspark can liven up your data and create stories that people will read from start to finish (like you did with this one), then get in touch and let’s have a chat. We really are very approachable, and there’s nothing we like more than a challenge to bring old dead content to life.

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Let's get started
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