The Irish Times, 4 October 

Delighted to be featured in The Irish Times article today alongside Cora, Michelle & Georgia who are all graduates of my AI for Marketing course.

4 October 2023  
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There's a great article by Sandra O'Connell in The Irish Times today that is full of stories and use cases from trailblazer women who have taken my AI for Marketing course. 

  • It opens with Cora Barnes of 3Q Recruitment who shares interesting anecdotes about how the staff in her recruitment business are using AI to tailor their job descriptions by target audience as well as by channel. Cora was in the June cohort of our training course. 
  • Then poster child for our course, Michelle Lawlor of Nude Wines, who has embraced AI with gusto, talks about how she uses it to reduce time on corporate proposal writing. (Who doesn't want to save time on that?!). Michelle was in the first cohort of our training course.
  • Georgia Visynei of Artessa Coffee shares how she got on board with AI when her marketing manager went on maternity leave and how she used AI to help her launch a new product, produce a newsletter, and create social media posts in two hours, instead of 10 days. Georgia was in our April cohort.

Apart from the fact that all of these women have completed my AI for Marketing course, another thing they all have in common is a willingness to embrace it and ability to follow through to put the skills they learn into practice.  The results are incredible. Business growth averaging 22.5%, direct increases in website sales thanks to finally getting all of the marketing done. Hours and hours of time saved.

I'm also featured in the article talking about the various stages of evolution of AI usage that I've seen this year. We've moved from early adopter business owners taking the course, to membership groups (I just finished the second cohort of training for the Employment Recruitment Federation), and now also into teams in corporates. 

Team leaders who have switched on to the benefits of AI are consulting with me to help them switch on their entire team to using AI. What's more, they are doing it mindfully and ethically. Check out our AI Policy template for more info on how you can do the same.

What's involved in bringing teams on is clarity on business process, defining a roadmap and strategy that is aligned with the company's goals, determining uses to start with, as well as recommending on selected AI vendors/tools.

It's an exciting time to be a marketer!

It's an exciting time to be in business.

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