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Because every organisation using AI should thoughtfully consider standards and procedures to ensure responsible usage.

29 September 2023  
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At Brightspark, we believe artificial intelligence is a lightbulb moment for creative innovation. We are delighted to work with innovative companies to help them embrace Generative AI technologies as tools to help create captivating content that truly connects with people. 

But we also recognise that the power of AI comes with a responsibility to use it ethically and transparently. 

That is why we have developed this AI Policy Template - to provide clear guidance for others on how to harness AI in a way that aligns with brand values.  Please feel free to use this template as you see fit. All we ask is that you might give us a link back in a mention from your site for SEO purposes. 🙏

  • Responsibility
    That there is always a human in the loop. That we take responsibility to ensure that everything created using AI is checked before being published.
  • Avoiding Bias
    Being aware that the way the models have been trained can propogate bias. Reviewing output to identify any unfairness based on age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. 
  • Privacy
    Being aware of when we should not use sensitive or confidential information in our prompts. Being mindful of which tools provide encrypted access in which the data is not trained.
  • Security
    Adhering to using a list of tools that have been vetted for the way they handle security protocols.
  • Ethical AI Practices
    Using AI to benefit clients and create better outputs. Never using AI to mislead or impersonate people without their consent. Abiding by laws and regulations about ethical AI use.

VoluntaryResponsible AI Commitment

Don't just take our word for it. A new non-profit called RILABS was set up in November 2023 to create a framework for regulating AI. More on this VC backed non profit.

It released an introductory protocol with 5 key action steps which are pretty much what we cover off in our AI Policy Template:

  • Secure organisational buy-in on responsible AI
  • Foster trust through transparency
  • Forecast AI risks & benefits
  • Audit and test to ensure product safety
  • Make regular and ongoing improvements

How to use it

We hope you find this template helpful as you develop AI policies for your organisation or projects. Please feel free to download it and customise it to suit your specific needs and values around ethical AI usage.

The only thing we ask is if you'd consider adding a link to our site as a thank you! 🙏  Some people are putting a line on the bottom of their policy saying 'Thanks to Brightspark for the AI Policy Template'. And they are linking AI Policy Template.

We believe every organisation using AI should thoughtfully consider their own standards and procedures to ensure responsible usage. How you communicate those standards - whether in an internal policy or external statement - is completely up to you. 

We have added ours as a footer link alongside our privacy policy. We also have added 'credits' to our newsletters referencing the tools used. If you'd like to hear from us, you can sign up down below.

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