Delighting Maxol Fans With Quiz Content 

13 March 2017  
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You know which social vehicle is super under-appreciated right now? The humble quiz. We’re in the business of making engaging content, and what could be more engaging than content that’s interactive?

Quizzes are great for surveys and lead generation. Here are a few quizzes we did for Irish forecourt retailer, Maxol.

1. Maxol – “How Irish Are You?”

For St. Patrick’s Day, we made a ‘How Irish Are You’ quiz. It was a humorous quiz all about Irish culture with a modern twist. Nothing cliched here.

Maxol 22

If there’s one thing you learn quickly about the Irish, we love to mock ourselves a bit. We all know someone who’s caught themselves being a bit of an Irish Mammy or who’s had a laugh pretending to know Irish dancing. So our quiz, which took a gentle nudge at Irish culture, was well received by Maxol’s fans.

Maxol 7

Maxol 6

2. HB-Maxol – “What Ice Cream Are You?”

Summer is a much loved (if short) season in Ireland. So when we had the chance to launch a summer ice cream giveaway, we made the most of it with another fun quiz. Honestly we had people asking us to bring back more quizzes, so we simply had to give them more! This quiz was one of our most popular, you can read more about it here.

quiz post twitter

quiz post fb

The scoop on this one is we had a five-day giveaway of an ice cream party. The link to the quiz went out on Facebook and Twitter, and we used the quiz to generate email sign ups. The questions were based on four different HB ice creams, and the type of person we imagined would like each.

quiz ice creamWe more than achieved the goal, but the jam on this Corneto was the social engagement. People love talking about themselves, and there was a much higher proportion than usual of shares on this one.

quiz posts fb quiz winner post fb

3. Maxol – “What Kind Of Driver Are You?”

Maxol Competition“What Kind Of Driver Are You” quiz was the most popular for Maxol.

This unassuming little quiz received record numbers of likes and shares (sorry we can’t publish them here, but if you really wanted to find out, just visit the Maxol Facebook page and count!). It also received record numbers of comments as people truly interacted with the brand in a humorous way.

Bonus 1: Trinity – Theology Rocks!

I love this one that we created to make theology rock for potential students of Trinity College Dublin. You can find out more of the detail here.

Quiz 2
Quiz 3

Bonus 2: WeddingDates.ie – What Kind of Bride Are You?

List cleaning for Wedding Dates.ie – using a friendly quiz to hook interest.


This quiz went all over Facebook for its lifetime, and we used a full range of Facebook’s targeting options to put it into the hands of potential subscribers.



Finally we have a quiz we made for the undisputed best company in the world!

Bonus 3: Brightspark Consulting – What Kind of Social Media Head Are You?


Yep, if it’s good, we’ve tried it for our own company sooner or later.

Should You Try A Quiz?

Probably! Quizzes are the magnifying glasses of lead generation. You can take a good competition or ad campaign and lift it up to the next level with a well-written quiz.

Through all this testing, we’ve found the biggest quiz lovers to be the 18-25 age group and the 44-55 age group (about the only thing they have in common!). But try anyway, and test for yourself what your fans like. Happy quizzing!

Questions about Quizzing?

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