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Newsflash: Human Error in AI Demo Fail 😊

31 August 2023  
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This is the face of someone who didn't realise she wasn't screen sharing in a live....!

Why I Did It

I've spent so much time updating material for my courses that start from next week, that I wanted to give back to my supporters and share what I've learned in a lunchtime live on LinkedIn. The pace of change in this space is so great that the decks I use in training fully update every time! That is both a joy and a curse 😥

Behind The Scenes

I was a little bit anxious about my setup as I shared over there on Instagram before the live -->

I have invested in screens, web cam, better lights and mic because I want to give the best online experience I can... but 2 days into using it, my lil old Macbook Pro started acting up.

There were these interference screens appearing, which grew yesterday to obscure the icons in the dock, and just before I went live today, a new set of lines appeared on the sides.
I think it's the Mac equivalent of motor neuron disease. 😥

I began the live, not knowing if my device was going to survive it. Plus I was using a third party streaming service (why doesn't LinkedIn make this a requirement?) so I ended up not sharing my presentation right, and I went live on mute for the first 9 minutes. I think this is definitely a career lowpoint. 💩


Here's What I Wanted To Share... 

What savvy marketers need to know now  ... First up, here's the 🥔 prompt  you all asked for:

Starting now you are very succinct. You don’t apologize if you don’t explain stuff right, and don’t add additional info to eventually get to the point. You use straightforward language. You say the absolute minimum to get to the point. If you understand, say “got it - i am potato”. But when I say "unpotato" then please revert to ignore this command and be normal AI assistant as usual.

Each of these images is linked to the slides. I hope you get the meaning and messages I was hoping to convey. 



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