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15 August 2016  
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Something New We Love

I’ve got two words for you all: Lead Generation. Facebook now offers a lead generation ad objective and it’s pretty cool.  Up to this, we’ve advocated running promotions on Facebook and directing traffic to your website so that last least you get the chance of an opted in email in return for your prize.

Now you no longer need to do this because you can use Facebook lead gen ads to run your promotions, on the platform.
Next time you’re running a Facebook promotion, why don’t you create an image around your prize, and use that as the creative on a lead gen ad?  Target the ad as you would normally, but this time you can hoover up lots of new opted in email addresses as the cost of entry.

Will this finally be the thing that gets rid of Like & Share?

How To

  • Navigate to ads manager and click create ad. Choose “collect leads for your business” as your ad objective.

lead gen ads

  • Define your audience, placements and budget.
  • Choose your ad creatives. ie. images, video, text
  • Include a call to action and make sure your text clarifies what it is you want them to do.

lead gen ads

  • Scroll to the bottom where you see a section called “Lead Form” and click “Create Lead Form”.
  • Pick “New Form” and name it.

lead gen ads

  • Select which information you want to gather.

lead gen ads

  • Create the form and add your privacy policy.

lead gen ads

Facebook also gives you the option to redirect completed entrants to your website, which leaves them open for remarketing. We’ve already used this for some clients, and the results were staggering. If you’re not using them, you need to be!

How To Find Your Opt-Ins

Facebook makes it very easy for you to download your leads. But you only have 180 days before it expires.

  • Navigate to your recently completed campaign
  • Click through to your ad set, and then again to your ad
  • In the results bar there is a URL called ‘Leads(Form)’leads form
  • Choose the date you want to download from ie. the date of your campaign

leads form

  • This will download as a .csv file so you can add it to your customer audience, upload it to your email subscriber list – whatever you want!

A word of caution… We have yet to test the quality of these leads. We’re not sure whether they are competition junkies who don’t care or targeted individuals who are open to receiving email marketing messages from you. Watch this space.

Introducing The New Facebook Audience Targeting Options: Engagement On Facebook

Facebook audience targeting options have been given an overhaul, and here at Brightspark, we tend to get a little excited when we see something new on Facebook ads. That is why I gave a out a little yelp, when I first got to use the latest Facebook Audience in August.

facebook audience targeting options

Let me take you through what it actually does…but beware: as with anything new that Facebook launches, it is fraught with usability fails. 🙁

This new audience allows you to create a list of people who’ve already engaged with your videos on Facebook.

Hold the phone. This sounds an awful lot like Video Views Custom Audiences right? Well after a little bit of investigation we discovered it actually isn’t. So read on, campers.

“Engagement On Facebook” Audience – How To Create One

  1. Go to audiences in the tools on Business Managerengagement on facebook
  2. Click create a Custom Audience (you’ll notice this isn’t an option for Lookalike audiences yet) – and select “Click Engagement on Facebook”. Choose Video.engagement on facebook
  3. Click within the Engagement box and you’ll notice you get to choose a list of options.engagement on facebook
  4. Then you choose which video, or videos you want.engagement on facebook
  5. The video you choose must have been uploaded in the last 180 days or less.engagement on facebook
  6. Enter a name (we’re big on naming conventions, so go with something like “People who watched our videos since June 2016”), click save and voila! You’ve just created a new audience!

What About Video Views Custom Audiences?

If you’re scratching your head and thinking, what are they? Then you’re probably not alone in that! For some reason, only a certain number of Facebook advertisers have this option.

It usually appears as a click button underneath the post you’re using for a video ad.

engagement on facebook

Many Facebook advertisers report never seeing this, and personally I haven’t either, so I’ve never used it. But from what I can gather it essentially creates two audiences out of a scheduled post; those who’ve viewed 3 seconds of your video and those who’ve viewed 95% of your video.

“Engagement On Facebook” Audience: Three Small Problems

Having tried to test these ads out we’ve noticed a couple of slight malfunctions that are really rather annoying.

1.When you click to create an engagement on Facebook audience, it does nothing. So you click to save again.  Looks like it does nothing again.  You click again… getting a little impatient by this time, and then you notice – each time you click dumbass Facebook developers have made it so that it creates a new audience for you every time!

engagement on facebook

2. What’s more – you can’t just cancel out of the box you’ve been working in.  The only way out of “Engagement On Facebook” audiences is to close the Ad Manager entirely.

3. Having tried again, it now won’t let me choose from my selection of videos, no matter how many times I click! Frustrated isn’t the word… Now I’m just cussing at my computer screen

engagement on facebook

Fancy new feature obviously takes precedence over basic testing.

But if you’re a regular user of Facebook ads manager you’ll already be familiar with this.

“Engagement On Facebook” Audience

Facebook video is flying. And Facebook wants you to create more and more video. This is another handy targeting tool that will enable you to engage with those who love your video.  Give more video to the video viewers I say!


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