How My Dentist Is Crushing It Live (As Well!) 

5 July 2017  
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It started out with a peruse of a recent Jay Baer newsletter. I enjoy Jay’s clarity on the big issues in social media, and I usually find myself nodding in agreement with what he has to say on things. This week, though, I felt compelled to put fingers to keyboard and show the world that in Ireland, sometimes, we do things better. This is a post about how my dentist is crushing it live (as well).

Jay Baer’s Dentist: Dr Mark Sutor

He uses Facebook Live every week or so to talk about a common dental issue.

His video on toothaches is over 6,000 views, and his other episodes are approaching 700. His engagement rate on these videos is also pretty strong, with no paid support.

So I saw this and thought …

Dentalhouse.ie is killing it even more!

I got on to Marketing Manager, Theresa Hannon and got an update on what she’s been doing for Dublin based dental practice Dentalhouse.ie.

Theresa is a graduate of my Learn Social Media Like A Pro online course, and she proves that you just have to follow the instructions to get the results.

Here’s what Theresa has done since January.

She produces simple Facebook Live videos (just like Jay Baer’s dentist), has experimented with content topics, and told me that it’s the “patient focused, real, unscripted” ones that perform the best.

Like this one with 37k views, 99 reactions, and 26 comments.

She takes the videos and boosts them out to specific target audiences of people (within 25 km of the practice), then follows up with lead gen ads to get contact details, before taking it over to email for FAQ’s.

Results Are Something To Smile About!

social media success case study

Theresa’s winning formula, which costs €10 per day (see my module on low budget Facebook ad spend) and which she runs about once a month, generates 25 leads – out of which come 5 consultations, which convert at about 95%.

The conversions are down to three things:

  1. Theresa knows her audience and speaks to them about issues on their mind, eg. newly engageds who want a better smile for their big day.
  2. She targets her ads effectively – utilising a mix of ad types, and audiences.
  3. Once in the practice, the professional knowledge and friendliness of the doctors and dentists is of such a high level that it keeps conversions high.

Let’s Get Over It

But this example shows me, yet again, that in Ireland, we really are crushing it! And by that I mean all of us – business owners and marketers alike. Our practices and ideas are second to none.

I admit: I’ve always had a bit of an inferiority complex:

The States is about 18 months ahead of us. Look to the US for how to do things tomorrow…

You would have heard me say in times gone by.

But not anymore!

One of my biggest takeaways from my trip to San Diego in March for Social Media Marketing World, was that in Ireland we are already crushing it. Except we just don’t own that yet. I was all “oh let’s see what they do over there” because their numbers are huge.

But you know what? If our market size was 321 million, ours would be huge too! Ireland’s population is a tiny 4.6 million, that’s 1.4% of the US.  If Theresa Hannon was doing her thing for a dental practice in the States, she’d be converting around €21 million a month – one a one week spend! Now that would really make her boss smile.

For now though, have a listen to what Theresa herself has to say about the course she puts down to her social media success. And from now on, I’m going to say it loud and say it proud: I’m black and I’m proud! (The Commitments reference)


If you are an optometrist, dentist, chiropodist, chiropractor or any other therapist that is in need of dentist social media results, why not get in touch? We’re very approachable and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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