How We Guided A County Council To Connect More Authentically on Instagram 

Overview and results of our engagement Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Council Community team.

21 January 2022  
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Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Council has several social media accounts. They wanted to try a different approach to managing them, and there was a training need to upskill individual teams so they would be the master of their own content creation, planning and scheduling.  As a proponent of decentralised social media content management, Brightspark has experience at training teams to deliver. We were hired to support the team with training and mentoring to become a lean and green content creation machine!

This training and mentoring model is a key part of our business model. We have helped many companies in this way from Hopkins Toy Store Case Study, Camile Thai, Dromoland Castle and many others.  


Tea party


We developed a specific training programme for the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Community team. This was tailored to meet the needs of the client, following consultation and taking into account the various levels of social media experience within the team. 

We delivered two workshops over two months in summer 2021 to upskill the team, delivering to a very affordable budget. We then supported each team member to share the tasks that needed to be done, based on ability and social media requirements. 

  • Target Audiences
    First up, we helped them get clear on their target audiences and who their content needed to reach. This ensured they were speaking to the right people on the various platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Instagram Training
    We did a deep dive Instagram training that included Instagram caption writing and all important hashtag research. Using cleverly researched hashtags boosts the organic reach of posts on the platform, something that the team really took to!  
  • Content Planning
    Most importantly, we introduced the team to the Brightspark content planning process. Proactive planning has the dual outcomes of allowing for more creative content, and freeing up staff time, two things that are very attractive.
Siobhán Nic Gaoithín

We have gained in confidence and are now more capable and of using the various platforms.
The training and hands-on approach to creating real life content and use of planning tools was extremely useful. Following this training, our social media content has improved and the team are now more aware and confident and embracing social media."

Siobhán Nic Gaoithín

Community and Cultural Development Department,
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Here's How We Did It

Using tools recommended by Brightspark, the DLR Community Team is now creating quality content and sharing on social media, while monitoring output and impact.

  • The DLR Community Team is now sharing the content creation responsibility for social media 
  • They have confidence that what they are doing is right
  • They are using tools recommended by Brightspark to help them, which is improving productivity
  • They are more proactive in planning and this has led to better quality content
  • The wider Community Team is aware of the increase in social media output and impact and are inputting into content creation

Instagram Stories

  • Instagram followers Main DLR page May 2021 3771      January 2022 5296  up 40.5% in 7 months   
  • #dlrCommunity is a popular search #
Neightbourhood network people outside Dun Laoghaire Town Hall
Insta dun laoghaire rathdown Communit High security locks over 55s.
Man says thanks for food hampers


  • Community Twitter May 2021 216   January 2022   269 — Engagement Rate  1.2%
dun laoghaire rathdown Community Twitter Stress.jpg
dun laoghaire rathdown Community TwitterEating well
dun laoghaire rathdown Community Twitter energy efficiency

Facebook Stories

  • Facebook followers Main DLR page  May 2021 12608      January 2022 12957  up 2.7% in 7 months  
Community activities fund
Living well poster
Tea party
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