80s Themed Promotion For Maxol 

22 June 2015  
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Killarney Festival has a great 80’s line-up this year: Duran Duran, the Proclaimers and ABC are all headliners! As one of its sponsors, Maxol wanted to have some fun with this.

A Facebook Quiz To Test Your 80’s Trivia

So we worked with the forecourt retailer to create a quiz that would test Facebook fan’s knowledge of all things 80’s!

80s quiz cover

Apps aren’t just a great way to collect valuable email opt-ins, they also provide a platform to be a little bit more creative with your promotions. You don’t have to do like and comment to run promotions on Facebook you know! We found this 80’s quiz got more engagement than we had expected because the content captured the fan’s imaginations.

There were five quiz questions, and together with an email address, and email opt-in, that’s all it takes. We also used the feature where you get an extra entry if you shared it.

80s quiz 2+3

The results were impressive:

  • 88.2% of entries were unique entries
  • Of those unique entries, 72.7% opted in for emails

Once again proving that app promotions give great results!

Maxol works hard to engage with its fans, so daily chat and banter were continued during the promotion.

lisa shantelle


Twitter Was About One Hit Wonders

While our objective is to grow followers on Twitter, we decided to run with an alternative promotion to the follow and RT for Killarney Festival. In keeping with the 1980’s theme, we asked people to tell Maxol their favourite 80’s one hit wonder! Cue nostalgia!

maxol twitter

We were astounded at some of the memories and long forgotten hits were uncovered and craic was had!



Maxol has a loyal following on Facebook and Twitter, so it always gets considerable traction with its promotions. We loved working on this one, and it has us all ready for Killarney Festival taking place next week! Are you going?

If you think your social media could do with some creative fun like this, give us a call! We have the ideas, and the flawless technical and graphic execution.

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