1st Dublin Tweetup 

17 August 2007  
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Today is the morning after the first Dublin Tweetup and I have a sore head. It was really nice to meet Ellybabes, (who seemed to have a little trouble getting home), Lexia, Eamon, Eoghan, Olivier and the rest in the flesh, shoot the breeze and drink copious amounts of wine.  Chat was stimulating and included just the right amount of gossip that you wouldn’t get online.  Thanks for Olivier for oganising.  And to Italy for producing such fine wine and cheese!

Let's get started

Let's get started
  1. Last night was a complete success. It was great to see everyone bursting with talk. What I found especially nice was the fact that we carried discussing Tweet threads in flesh. Surely, a confirmation that Twitter for all of it’s simplicity, is a real chatter forum.

    Really looking forward to the next one.

  2. What I thought was interesting was that, until Eoghan came along, there were more females than males in attendance. This is so not the case on Twitter, my contacts are 99% male.

  3. Sounds like you all had fun, it was a great idea. I’m interested to read to that you continued threads of conversation that you begun on twitter. Isn’t it great that you can engage deeply in conversation with a bunch of people you’ve never/rarely met before (if I’m correct?)

  4. I think though, that we all have something in common – a shared love of living online – and that commonality will overshadow any differences in personality. Know what I mean?

  5. I think most of the people had met at least one of the others from previous events, and as lexia blogged, this gave us some good bases of conversation, while allowing us time to more deeply explore some of the issues we had visited on twitter. That 140 character limit can be limiting at times!

    I’d also have to say that I think it was the perfect size of a group for the evening, meaning that no-one was able to ‘over-command’ the conversation and everyone got their chance to pontificate!

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