Three Cheers For (Irish) Blogs 

10 October 2013  
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I believe in blogs!  And they are as powerful and important as ever.  I was asked recently if they still count as much by someone who has been a bit resistant to them. This is what I said:

Blogs are super important because they are the source of content.  The blog is like the big ship that contains all the powerful stuff.

Social media platforms are like the speed boats that bring the users in…


Why Blogs Are Great

1.  The Google Reason

Google gives a higher ranking to sites that change their content often – if you have a blog, you are more likely to do that.  Google’s recent algorithim change has the search world all in a tizzy, but one thing is clear: in the new world of Google, it’s all about having relevant keywords appearing on your site, frequently – what better way to do that than with a blog?

2.  The Qualitative Reason

People get a much better sense of who you are and what you are about by reading your blog.  They can tell what style of person you are by the way you write.  I hope that people here know that I’m a direct to the point, no bullshit kind of person?

Having a blog is an opportunity to show your customers what you are really about, every day, if you wish.  And it’s excellent content fodder for email marketing!!

3.  The Digital DNA Reason

I started this blog back in 2003, in the days when every website ‘published whitepapers’ – or were pdf farms!   That never sat right with me.  I love blogs for their accessibility, for their beauty and the fact that they are a communication mechanism with a digital DNA and not some paper-based thing being imported to this wonderful domain.


The very best of luck to all the many bloggers who are going to the Blog Awards this weekend!  I haven’t been to the awards since it stopped being a Mulley event, but I’m sure it’s full of the same type of wonderful spirited crazy people.  Have fun!  Keep blogging!

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