Learn Social Media Like A Pro For Teams 

15 October 2017  
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Bringing #SocialMediaTransformation to teams.

We are delighted to offer teams the ability to transform digital communication, drive social media competence and confidence, and reduce the burden on those who currently manage all of social media.  Social media is no longer the sole remit of sales and marketing. It’s time to bring your whole team on a journey. And we are here to show you how.

Learn Social Media Like A Pro – For Teams

Featuring all the good stuff from regular edition, plus a little bit more:

 12 Modules – suitable for beginner to advanced

 7 Hrs of High Quality Video

 Detailed Course Downloads

 Featuring Quizzes and Tests to Track Progress

 Access to Private Member’s Group

 Even Faster Q&A Response Time: 6 Hrs Guaranteed

 Lifetime Membership – Get The Updates Always Stay Updated

 Completion Certification


Learn Social Media Like A Pro for teams is priced at €2999 – €299 per seat.


Book a time to talk about your team’s specific requirements. 


Begin learning now.

Let's get started

Let's get started
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