RIP: Dancing Mary Of O’Connell Street 

7 February 2014  
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Back in 2010, I blogged about Mary the lady who used to dance on O’Connell Street.  I had found a Facebook Page for her. It’s one of those things that I love Facebook for; nostalgia, and giving people with a shared memory a place to celebrate.

The sad news today is that Mary has passed away.

One of the many characters that used to be a part of our city in bygone days.She must have been 87.  She always seemed happy; just doing her own thing as the city milled around her.

We can all learn something from her approach to life…. she has and is living hers to the max…while not hurting or taking away from anyone, in fact she has given so much to so many people. Thank you Mary.



And thanks to Darragh Doyle’s Facebook where I heard this sad news first!


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