How We Helped Maxol Increase Twitter Followers By 84% In 12 Days 

30 December 2014  
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When you’re starting out on Twitter as a brand, the first thing you need to do is build your followers.  You don’t want to be talking to yourself, now do you? With Maxol’s Facebook ticking away nicely thank you (read more), we turned our attention to Twitter.

Twitter’s a bit more ‘summer festival vibe’ for making friends; you just have to show up wearing your best smile, with the right attitude. Facebook, on the other hand, is a lot like hassling your way into the VIP area of a busy mega city club on a Saturday night. Each platform requires a different attitude to succeed, if you’re not dressed the right way, you just aren’t going to make it.

Christmas is the time for giving, so what better time for Maxol to reach out to Twitter? We’ve already written about the hugely successful Christmas social media campaign

Here’s what we did to increase followers on Twitter

The goal was to increase Maxol’s followers on Twitter and to establish a nice base of peeps with which to converse into 2015. What better way than a “flock to unlock” Twitter campaign?

Flock to unlock Twitter campaigns are where you offer up a nice prize and a level of followers at which the prize will be released.

3 tips to make your flock to unlock rock!

  1. Make sure you leave it open so that any follower can be up to win the prize, not just the one who hit the target.
  2. Give away decent prizes. Maxol had some great ones –hotel breaks, Bewleys hampers, fuel vouchers and more!
  3. Don’t set the unlock target too high, otherwise people will not get motivated.


Bonus Tip: make sure you sit down and do the chitty chat with people to inspire them to get the word out and to thank them for retweeting you. This delights and makes them want to help you more.

When you’re running a campaign over 12 days like we were for Maxol, you want to get some loyal influencers behind you who will RT you like crazy and get the word out.

Results – “All This And Much Much More”

We set out to grow followers and that is what we did.

We started out with 1,638 followers and in just 12 days boasted 3,012. That’s an increase of 84%.

Engagement also skyrocketed, with many followers encouraging their friends and family to get involved – Marketing Nirvana! We went from very low engagement to:

  • 373 retweets per day
  • 148 favourites per day
  • 83 replies per day

Total engagement over the 12 days:

Maxol Twitter Image 1

The dips were on the two Sundays – we had to have some time off!

You might also be interested to know that over the 12 days, Maxol achieved 423,400 impressions. This means that almost half a million people saw Maxol’s tweets and brand in a positive way. We only promoted tweets at the outset to get the ball rolling, after that it was all organic baby!

Maxol Twitter Image 2

The #12DayMaxolGiveaway campaign helped us to reach out to Twitter users and enabled them to experience the Maxol Brand in a fun and rewarding way: very much keeping in line with our brand values.

Witty banter with customers from ourselves and Brightspark through out the campaign acted as a real motivator to get people involved and helped achieve the campaign objective.


Jana Solovjova, Senior Marketing Executive – Digital & Consumer, The Maxol Group.

If you are reading this thinking you’d like a little ‘flock to unlock’ rock in your Twitter account, we’d be very happy to help.


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