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17 February 2021  
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Everyone loves to pore over their stats, right? Unfortunately, LinkedIn has made it more difficult to break down your stats. Check out the difficulties we’ve had with LinkedIn reporting over the past few weeks and how LinkedIn has removed and not added to the data available on the personal dashboard of your profile.

How do we know that LinkedIn Reporting just got worse?

We track LinkedIn reporting metrics every Friday. This is because there is no integration of LinkedIn metrics with any social media scheduling tool that we are aware of. It’s a manual process, but kind of marks the end of the week. Our intern is usually the one to do it, and after that, they are free for the weekend! So between seeing good results for content posted, and the weekend coming, it’s a  joyous affair! But not recently…

LinkedIn Has Only Gone And Changed The Private Dashboard

And it’s not better!

Previously, you could track profile views, post views, and search appearances. All were presented to you in your dashboard.

Imagine our surprise last week to discover that LinkedIn now only reports on profile views, search performance, and a new one – video views. If you ever needed confirmation that LinkedIn algorithm favours video, this is it!


When you click on search appearances, it gives you more detail – but note that the reporting is one week out of date! Today’s the 17th – it’s showing data that is one full week old. That’s no good to anyone


I only shared 1 video last week on my personal profile, so the video views matches that single video. I would expect that in a regular week, it would show the cumulative total of all your videos in the week just gone. But I haven’t tested that.

Quick Tip: Accurately View Your Connections

While these inaccurate stats threw us into a bit of a tizzy, we want to share how you can see the exact amount of LinkedIn connections you have.

Everyone knows LinkedIn for their generalised “500+ connections” pasted on the top of your profile. When you click on this, it leads you to a huge list of all your connections and an estimated number on top. For example, mine says “About 4,000 results.”

No fear! To accurately track your connections growth, go to “My Network” and you can clearly see all your network information on the left.

Now, you are clearly able to see the exact amount of connections you have. Much better than knowing you have 500+ connections!

LinkedIn Reporting Has Been Broken …

For the last couple of weeks. We had seen profiles ‘lose’ lots of followers, also posts that were great weren’t contributing to results. For my personal profile which you can see stats for above, I went on a total go slow, as I tried to discover what was wrong. I only made 2 posts in the week which is a lot less than usual. Now it all makes sense. They were fixing things in the background for the big limp reveal. Ta da!

I’m just a girl with a dream: one where you get as much chewable consumable insights data from LinkedIn as you do from Facebook’s Insights.

I know that the other platforms don’t really give info at all on your personal profile; it’s the reason to switch to business or professional accounts. All that juicy data – and that ability to advertise. But LinkedIn is a different beast. Most of the action takes place on the newsfeed of individuals.

Oh I’ll just log in to LinkedIn and have a look at the Company Page for XYZ Co. – Said NO ONE ever!

Fingers crossed we can capture some accurate LinkedIn stats this coming Friday. Let us know your own experience with LinkedIn Reporting or how we can help you!

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