How To Use Facebook Group Pages For Your Business 

29 May 2018  
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Facebook groups are a powerful community marketing tool and they are hot right now.

Why is this?


Well, Facebook groups breakthrough the problem of organic reach being dead. We all know organic reach is dead on Facebook, but when you post content on a group, it appears as a notification in the top right hand corner of your members’ Facebook page. So it solves the problem of a noisy news feeds.

Facebook also gives a greater visibility to posts within groups, so they appear within news feeds. So for those two reasons you might consider setting up a group.

So who should set up a group? You, if you already have a community and you’d like to create a subset of members who want to engage and talk passionately around a subject or a theme or if you want to set up a group of people, just to collaborate around a certain subject.

I use a Facebook group to provide support for people who’ve bought my course. There are lots and lots of different Facebook groups out there and they are absolutely alive and well.

The downside of Facebook groups is that the can get overrun by spammers so you’ve got to police them. You’ll need about 15 to 20 minutes a day just to make sure that the people are behaving as they should.

I’ve posted loads of tips around here right now. Go check out the Instagram profile for links on how to do Facebook groups.

One of the keys to success of a brilliant Facebook group is to have really good, clever content.

I have a really good module on how to create good content! Click the link on the bio so you can find out all about it. It’s just €99, you know?

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