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Post Covid-19, Retail is going to look very different.

We see this as Opportunity and we are looking to work with retailers who are keen to be the winners in this new environment and to benefit from these changes.

"55% of people bought a product online after seeing it on social media."
KPC Internet Trends Report

When you are looking for a digital marketing company to work with, you’ve got to be sure to choose one that has a deep understanding of social media as well as search marketing. 

Brightspark Consulting is the longest established digital marketing agency in Ireland. We have been doing digital since 1999, and have evolved our business to specialise in social media when it came along. 

We are listed in the top 1% for Social Media by LinkedIn and named in the Top 50 Irish Marketers. 🏆

We thrive on change, and we quickly adapt tactics and channels to deliver on strategies for our clients. We’ve been delivering multi-lingual, multi-market social media campaigns since 2009.

We see Post Covid-19 as a massive opportunity for retailers to reshape their offering and to reach more customers online, more cost effectively than ever before.

How We Can Help

  • Website Grader
    Talk to us about our website grader. It’s a free review of your website that will show you how your site measures up in relation to user experience, design, load speed, and being easily found on search engines. Having a good website is the starting point.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    Our approach, which we have fine-tuned by working with multiple clients over the last 17 years, begins with peer research and analysis to deconstruct what the competition are up to, and to set their activity as baseline targets for your own. We can advise on your optimum channel mix (search v social) and can deliver a plan that is exactly matched with your business growth requirements, and resources.
  • Implementation
    Our in-house social media management team can help you scale up your marketing activity rapidly; whether the focus is enhanced search engine rankings, developing social commerce through paid media, influencer marketing, or automated email campaigns to promote sales and to engage with previous contacts, we can help.

Our powerful and effective inbound marketing activities are proven to generate sales and are suitable for retailers ranging from agile independents to scaling bricks and mortar companies.

Listed in the top 1% for Social Media by LinkedIn and named in the Top 50 Marketers, Brightspark’s team of in-house team of copywriters, design, video, ads, and SEO experts can help you put in place the digital processes you need to win in this post Covid environment. 

Social Media & Digital Marketing Retail Experience

retail digital marketing ireland

Retail Marketing Approach:

  • Competitor Research.  Output is a positioning statement in relation to you company and where it currently stands in relation to the competition, encompassing future trends.
  • Digital Strategy. Based on understanding the audience and market, utilising a data driven approach to respond to the competitive environment.
  • Implementation. Delivering best-in-class UX web design, SEO and AdWords, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Email Automation, Chatbots.
  • Training. Online, in-person, or blended learning. We are the only digital marketing agency that can offer online training in all areas of social media including Instagram, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Community Management, and more. Our training is always designed to improve your internal capability to ensure you are able to manage the programme internally.

retail digital marketing ireland


Target Metrics

  • Website Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Retentions

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Retail Tech Client: Case Study

Looking for a great omni channel case study from Ireland? Irish retail technology company TRC Solutions and world’s oldest duty free at Shannon Airport, brought to you by Brightspark Consulting.

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