digital marketing mentor

It's hard being the only marketing person in the room...

If you're the sole marketing person in your business, it can be tough going at times.
If you've recently been promoted, with everyone looking to you for the lead, imagine how great it would be to have an experienced marketing professional to run your ideas by?
For new members of marketing teams, with a great weight on your shoulders and everyone else too busy to answer all your questions, having a mentor frees you up to help you grow.

  • Brightspark is an approved Digital Marketing Consultant for Enterprise Ireland clients. 
  • Brightspark is an approved Failte Ireland Mentor for travel and tourism.
  • Brightspark is an approved Digital Marketing Consultant for Intertrade Ireland's Digital Sales Supports Programme.
  • Brightspark took part in the Irish Government’s emergency response to Covid19 as a Digital Marketing Mentor


Marketing mentor for startups, ready to come to market, with a weak spot in marketing. Marketing mentor for scaling businesses that have marketing and need to improve digital.


Mentor for in-house marketers who need a little help implementing strategic plans or who are the lone marketer in the organisation. Soundboard for ideas, with advice rooted in years of experience.

Digital Marketing Mentoring

Align your marketing strategy with the business strategy

Work on your strategy with a mentor who will ask you all the right questions. Helps you come up with a plan to deliver maximum impacts for the business.

Find new ways of working to make sure you get everything done

Turn yourself into an efficient digital marketing machine, achieving all your goals with less stress.

One-to-one coaching

To help you hit those targets. Insights shared including trusted tools from years of experience.

Go deep to get better results

Influencer campaigns. Paid social. Email marketing sequences to drive sales. Deep dives on Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Case study

Camile Thai: A Tasty Case Study

How we worked with the Camile Thai team early on to boost results

Let's talk

Case study

All tied up with a bow

Turning follows and likes into bundles of sales for the cutest business we've ever worked with.