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We are a team of smart, friendly, and hard working Digital Marketers who love to drive brand awareness with social media and leads for businesses through a combination of search and social. Brightspark is the longest running digital marketing consultancy in Ireland. We’ve been digital marketing since 2003, doing social media since it was invented, and we deliver great results for clients based on experience and talent.

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We specialise in B2B digital marketing.

We are in the business of removing uncertainty, saving teams’ time, and utilising the full might of search and social to deliver leads for businesses. If you’ve ever wished for actual business benefit to come from your website, your social media, and your search engine ranking, get in touch. We can help with that.

We tend to work more with B2Bs because leads are the lifeblood of business. But we love working in the B2C sphere, in particular in retail, education, tourism and hospitality sectors.

We don’t just come in and expect you to outsource it all to us at great cost. We consult with your team to identify what needs to be done, what you can handle in-house, and what we can look after for you. Clarity around goals, plus great results are a given.

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“Brightspark are unique. They spend the time to get to know you and fully research the business you are in. They were able to look at that and come up with a plan that suits you.
Marketing Strategy Consultant
Alan Breen
Head of Communications, Tusla - The Child & Family Agency

It isn’t easy to do what we do

The speed of change in marketing is rapid and it can be hard to keep up with the pace. Digital marketing strategies that worked two years ago just won’t get the same results today. That is why we offer scaling B2B businesses two digital marketing consultancy services:

From the latest algorithm changes, to the evolution of how humans search, we are the go-to people for the very latest thinking and advice on how to position your business to benefit from the changes as they happen. 

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We have a marketing team, but we needed a specialist view on strategy. Brightspark delivered and have supported us in the implementation of our action plan and continue to work closely with us. Their passion for marketing is infectious. They are very knowledgeable and skilled in this area. I found Maryrose and Brightspark to be very responsive ,and I felt we worked together as partners rather than a client and agency.
convention centre case study
Suzanne McGann
Head of Marketing, The Convention Centre Dublin

Maryrose loves to share her insights on what’s happening, where it’s all going, and how businesses can grab value from it. You might have seen her at events hosted by 3XE Digital, IBEC, Irish Internet Assocation, and IMAGE magazine where she is a regular keynote speaker and event MC.

Or maybe your company has hired Maryrose as a corporate events speaker, where she delivers whip smart and practical take-aways for teams, events, and training days. 

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Brightspark academy

Online Course Social Media

Learn Social Media Like A Pro

We’ve distilled everything we know about social media into an online course. If you are considering a career in social, you’re a marketing person who wants to skill up, or you’re a business owner who needs to do it for themselves, “Learn Social Media Like A Pro” has everything you need to know to get up and running with social media.

We are all about delivering the best possible leads through search and social.

What makes a project highly desirable for us is one where we can add significant value. For instance, where the senior management team is bought in to effect ‘regime change’ and doesn’t regard social media or search as a one-off campaign that will deliver bums on seats in just six weeks.

We especially like working with businesses that are great at what they do, and need a hand getting the word out about how good they are to a wider audience.

Just because we have big name clients on our site, please don’t let that put you off. We love working with businesses, large and small. Get in touch and arrange a call and let’s see how we can help you.

Some other things about us:

Maryrose is Mammy to a small boy who is our resident #TikTok advisor.

We love beaches more than mountains. Sunshine more than snow. We work hard, have fun, and we get utterly consumed in what we do. We go home at the end of the day, knowing we’ve applied our full talents to whatever we are working on. Late nights and weekends are not a thing in our office.

Tools are our thing. Slack. Trello. Zapier. WhatsApp. Social Bee. Planoly. Active Campaign. These are our friends, we play with them every day!

We love working with Millennials. They get a bad rap – we love that they care so deeply about things, and we are relying on them and Gen Z to save the planet.


In the early years, we entered lots of award contests and picked up quite a few.

The most significant one was a United Nations Award for Best eGovernment Site for LocalAuthorityFinances.com.

It won twice at a global awards ceremony in Singapore as well as scooping big at the Irish Web Awards. What marked the UN one out was that you couldn’t enter yourself, you had to be nominated.

Since then, we’ve tended to avoid the pay your money, nominate yourself Irish awards ceremonies. Call us cynical, but we prefer to spend our money  on learning and development – as well as team drinks!

With a track record as long as ours, Brightspark’s performance speaks for itself. We don’t need to put on ballgowns and get sweets thrown at us!

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