How To Run A Win A House Competition GAA 

6 June 2019  
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The Big Reveal: How We Did It

Last Sunday, a lucky couple from Celbridge won a luxury 4 bedroom house in a beautiful new housing estate in Kildare. Imagine getting to live mortgage free? They had purchased a ticket for €100 and had taken part in the “Win A House” competition that we ran for the developer, Eugene Finn, whose purpose was to support three GAA clubs in his local area.

Here’s how we did it

Brightspark’s role in the project

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads for 3 clubs over 4 months
  • Chatbot to answer FAQ’s 24/7 – a must to keep volunteer time free
  • Chatblasts using Messenger to drive ticket sales
  • Support and advice throughout

Thinking of running a ‘win a house’ competition for your club?

Get in touch. We’ve done one. We could help you.

Let's get started

Let's get started
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