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Are you looking at TikTok as a potential channel to reach your audience in 2022?

While the beloved video-sharing app is already home to millions of creators who are cashing in and making thousands of dollars per video, it’s also an increasingly attractive place for savvy businesses that want to reach audiences in an entirely new way. 

TikTok Marketing: The Guide To Get Famous, Make Money & Master TikTok for Beginners & Business Owners

This book is written for early adopters - businesses who want to master TikTok quickly and start profiting from being one of the first movers on the platform and individuals who want to pick up the tricks that will help them launch a career as an influencers on the platform and make serious money.

It covers everything you need to know to get started with confidence on TikTok. Don’t waste time trying to work things out yourself!

Follow the advice in this TikTok marketing book and become a successful TikTokker now!

What does the book include?

  • How To Discover Your Niche
  • Account Set Up
  • Video Making Tips To Look Like A Pro
  • Sounds, Captions, Transitions
  • Ads, Influencers, Sponsorships
  • Content Creation Hacks You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

With chapter titles including 'TikTok Money Moves: Ads, Influencers, and Sponsorships' and 'Cracking the TikTok Algorithm and Key Metrics to Watch', you will be hard pressed to find another guide as comprehensive as this. 

Reviews of TikTok Marketing Audiobook 

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Brilliant narration. I could listen all day. Good combo of flow, message, and


This book helped get my social media off the ground. I really would recommend this to anyone who wants to get started with TikTok.

I recommend this to anyone who is finding it hard to use TikTok for business as it helped me.

If you are in the UK or USA, you can have a free download of this book and a free month's membership of Audible. 👇

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