Looking For a Cheap YouTube Starter Kit?

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YouTubeStarter Kit

Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video and been sucked down a rabbit hole, only to emerge hours later having watched everything from Dr. Pimple Popper to Potter Puppet Pals. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. And with so many videos being uploaded everyday – over 576,000 hours of content each day! – there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the second largest search engine in the world.  If you’re looking for SEO Advice, go here!

Maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like on the other side of the camera?  Who knows, you could be the next Zoella or JackSepticEye…all you need to do is get started!

It can definitely be a bit intimidating seeing your YouTube faves show off their fancy filming equipment and wondering if you need the same gear to make quality videos but fear not! We’ve put together a little guide so you can build your very own YouTube startup kit without breaking the bank.

First things first, you’ll need a camera.

An essential part of YouTube kit, is a video camera. But the good news is you don’t need to commit to dishing out a few hundred euros for a high quality digital camera yet.

Give it a go filming with your built-in computer camera first. While the quality isn’t amazing by any means, it will work just fine for starting out until you’re ready to make an upgrade.

Check out the OneMoreT 3 LED 1200 Megapixel HD USB Webcam

For better quality, try out this nifty little HD webcam that even comes with a built-in microphone. On Amazon it’s just £7.99 – affordable enough for just about every aspiring YouTuber. This will serve perfectly as a starter camera while you figure out what kind of videos you want to film and which camera specifications you’ll need.

Next up, find the perfect microphone.

microphone for cheap youtube starter kit

People will stick around for bad video with good sound, but not the other way around. Is there really anything worse than being excited to watch a video, only to find out the audio is poor?

Avoid making rookie sound mistakes and take your audio quality up a notch with a clip-on lapel microphone. The great thing about lapel mics is that they let you record hands-free so you can focus more on recording yourself gaming or showing off your latest finds in a winter clothing haul.

This BOYA BY-M1 3.5 mm Lavalier Microphone does the trick and is super affordable, especially compared to other similar mics out there.

Ready to amp things up a little bit more?

You’ve got the camera and audio sorted out, the next thing to figure out is the lighting.


No one wants to watch a poorly lit video, whether it’s too dark, overexposed, or discoloured. Many well-established YouTubers have huge lighting setups made up of expensive ring lights and professional studio quality light boxes that can cost hundreds of dollars.

For a YouTube newcomer, our top pick is a much more reasonably priced lighting option with adjustable settings so it’s always super flattering – even in the middle of winter.

You really can’t go wrong with starting out with the TOAZOE T119S LED Video Light

Another upside of the TOAZOE T119S LED Video Light is that it’s really small so no matter where you want to film a video, it’s convenient to bring along.

Finally, a tripod to keep you on the straight and narrow…

Maybe you already have a digital camera but don’t have the steadiest of arms? If you don’t feel like hitting the gym to grow those muscles, consider upgrading your filming skills with a tripod.

shaky gif

tripod for cheap youtube starter kit

Because the quality of videos is so high nowadays, people won’t settle for watching videos with poor camerawork. Shaky visuals can quickly ruin a video…and make viewers feel a little nauseous. A tripod will make your shots super stable, including on uneven surfaces.

We love this  Hama Star 75 Camera Tripod and it will make you feel like a professional YouTuber for sure!

You don’t need a whole lot more than some creative ideas and a camera to make your YouTube dreams come true, but having a few of the cheap YouTube tools we recommended here will definitely make it easier to bring your vision to life.

Total price for everything on this list – comes to around €75

OneMoreT 3 LED 1200 Megapixel HD USB Webcam

BOYA BY-M1 3.5 mm Lavalier Microphone

TOAZOE T119S LED Video Light

Hama Star 75 Camera Tripod

Get the updated prices here, but everything comes in at less than €75!

Quick – shop now and enjoy some #BlackFriday bargains!

Black Friday Gif

Everybody has to begin somewhere, but with this YouTube starter kit, you’ll be well on your way to putting out great videos and gaining subscribers in no time.

Read more about about the kit you need for livestreaming here.

Casey Neistat who?

Casey Neistat Gif

Note that there are some affiliate links in this post. But that hasn’t impacted on the products recommended. We use these anyway. The links are just a bonus!

If you would like to have a conversation about getting started as a YouTuber, get in touch and we’d be happy to give you some advice.

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