Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

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5 quiz plugins reviewed. Avoid QZZR. And ones to watch!

Why Use A Quiz?

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

Quizzes are a great addition to your website – people love being asked questions, and when used correctly, quizzes can be used to generate leads. A WordPress quiz is one of our favourite fun ways to gamify a lead magnet here at Brightspark.  

If you’re running a WordPress site, it should be pretty easy to find a good quiz plugin right?  

Not so!

We recently had cause to go looking for a decent quiz plugin  and we found that they all seem to have shortcomings.  Here’s a report on our experiences, we hope it saves you time.

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

Read on for the pros and cons of the most popular WordPress quiz plugins available for use on WordPress.


Types of Quizzes


Trivia Quiz

A trivia quiz is a basic yes or no, multiple choice, pick out the answer sort of quiz. At the end you’re given a score and that’s it. They are a bit limited. For example:

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

Personality Quiz

A personality quiz is our preferred choice of quiz that allows you to set personalities for different result types. The answers to questions are generally assigned points towards a certain personality and at the end, the calculations denote the type of personality you are based on your scores. This is the kind of quiz we ran for a client before Christmas:

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

Basic Requirements Of WordPress Quiz Plugins

  • The quiz must be able to perform and look equally good on desktop and mobile
  • A quiz without images is not visually appealing, therefore must include good display of images
  • It’s 2020 – so we want the ability to embed animated GIFs
  • Ensuring an email sign up before results are given is pretty essential to us
  • Affordable price


WP Quiz Plugins Reviewed


1. Riddle

Riddle is a really good tool for quizzes and lead generation.
There are 15 different types of quizzes, surveys, personality tests and polls to choose from, all easily embedded into your WordPress site or shareable via a link in your social media. Using their integrated lead generation form, you can connect your email marketing tool to store leads, set up automated follow up messages and send out emails based on quiz results.
We especially love how user-friendly and intuitive it is, the built-in call to action features and the way that you can set it to interact and respond to users to quiz them as they go along. The plugin is also completely white-labelled allowing you to remove all Riddle branding. 
Pricing is good. It’s not free, but the basic plan is more than sufficient, allowing you to create as many quizzes as you like, and collect unlimited leads for €29. They also offer a 14 day free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee.
Customer service is good and very fast on the response, which is more than we can say for some of the other quiz tools reviewed in this post. 
The plugin only works on self-hosted sites – it won’t work on sites, but if you’re serious about your business you aren’t running it on a free WordPress.

2. WP Viral Quiz

It does just about anything you’d ever need to generate leads, draw traffic. You can apply the visually appealing Buzzfeed skin. Support is good.  


It takes a little bit of tech know-how to set up. There’s no visual builder as it uses WordPress’s UI, and to change styles you have to upload your own CSS stylesheet.


The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website


3.  WP-Pro-Quiz

A FREE WordPress quiz plugin. Although it’s free, you can see why. It functions perfectly. You can even select multiple answers for one question with a personality quiz. But it’s ugly. 

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website


It’s ugly and not compatible with mobile. And we have no business for ugliness in this world!

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website


4.  Quizworks 

A good quiz creator that you can embed into WordPress. We rejected this one because, while it allows for multiple answers, you have to request a quote. We did, and haven’t heard back from them. This would also be on top of the $20 Smart Owl pricing, $50 Business Owl pricing and $99 Corporate Owl pricing per month. 

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

  • Very nice looking quiz, looks better on mobile
  • If you want to use image answers you are limited to 4 per question
  • Does not allow any GIFs to be used
  • Personality can be ranked from -100 to +100 (after 10 it jumps to 100)

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

Worst Point:

Quite restrictive with the 4 images per answer. Can get very expensive if you’re using it for over 6 months, and, on top of being expensive, you have to pay extra to have multiple answer questions.


5.  Qzzr

An external quiz that you can embed in WordPress. If you’re doing a personality quiz to generate leads this combines the best of WP Viral and WP-Pro-Quiz but you’re gonna pay for it. Big time. Through the nose. In a really painfully expensive way.

The Best WordPress Quiz For Your Website

Worst Point:

The price.The basic package is free but basically useless for a marketer. Essential extras such as having to make the visitor give an email address before results will cost you an extra $250/ month! Ridiculous!

Who has budget of $3000 per annum for a quiz plugin? Unless you are the CSO, this is hugely unrealistic. As well as this, we first used this plugin early in when they first launched and expected great things.  While it comes with a high price, there appeared to be lots of love on Twitter about it. What we encountered was extremely buggy. We had to pull our quiz promotion because it didn’t work on mobile. We decided to retry this service anyway a few years later and found the issue about email generation was hidden and support was poor.


To Sum Up

If you want a simple good looking quiz that will draw traffic and have the option to recruit sign ups, use WP Viral Quiz. It’s sleek, cheap and effective for that.

If you’re looking to use a WordPress quiz to draw traffic and generate leads and need help, why not get in touch? We’ll be delighted to help you out and are sure to get your quiz up and running with a lot less pain than we’ve just endured.

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