Why Comments Are More Important Than Likes on Linkedin

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We did a little experiment to show how the Linkedin algorithm works and why comments rather than likes drive engagement and views on the platform.

Not all types of engagement are equal, particularly on LinkedIn. As the number one B2B social media network, it’s vital that you know how the LinkedIn algorithm works if you are going to be successful with your content.

Likes, Comments or Shares?

Answer: Comments

We did a little experiment to show how the number of comments your post receives are so much more important than likes when it comes to how many people actually see your post.

First up, here’s a post we ran on a Tuesday at 3.30pm where we got several comments within the first hour. We got 3,283 views, 37 comments, and we trended for the hashtag #LinkedIn. Not bad!

Two weeks later, at exactly the same time and day of the week we posted the same image, but with a different caption, and without the rush of comments in the first hour. This second post only got 348 views! 

The huge difference in likes and views is down to the relatively high number of comments on the post. LinkedIn’s algorithm favours comments over likes and shares. They want us to interact, so they weight comments much much higher. You are better off asking people to ‘comment down below’ instead of asking them to share this. 

Don’t forget – comments encourage comments! Engage with people who are commenting on your post and start a conversation to further increase your reach.

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