What We Can Learn From Dua Lipa

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If you want to see the finest levels of livestreaming production for Instagram, watch this 📹

Setting The Bar Really High For Lives

Watch the video above of the very talented Dua Lipa and her band and dancers performing last night on the US Late Show.  It is so well thought out, planned, choreographed, and I know that such an amount of work has gone into that.

Views this morning (after less than 12 hours) are at :

dua lipa instagram views

In this isolation times, there are a lot of lives and zoom recordings  coming at us. This is by far the best! You can view it in full on Instagram here.

It’s given me an incentive to raise our game for the Instagram Live Ask Me Anything that we are running for an Irish third level institution next week. 

I can’t say we will have dancers and Dua, but we will do our best to make it a slick engaging presentation. 🕺🏿

First off, we are asking our audience what time to run it at. In these crazy Covid times, usual rules for when to find people are out the window! If you are a follower of the St Patricks College Maynooth Instagram account, do us a favour and vote on the poll to tell us what time you want to see the St Patricks College Maynooth LIVE Ask Me Anything.

Need To Get Your Message Out Live?

ask me anything about instagram live, facebook live

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Facebook Live Via OBS

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