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Want to make the best use of your Business Continuity Voucher or Trading Online Voucher? Read on to find out how we have been helping some awesome businesses do just that, and bounce back Post Covid.

Both vouchers, available via Local Enterprise Offices are worth €2500.  If you spend them wisely they could be just what you need to succeed during these changing times.

I have been working with many businesses over the last few weeks to help them come up with some amazing packages and ideas, as they decided to spend their vouchers here with us at Brightspark.

Wondering how far your €2500 can get you?
Here’s a couple of examples:

Garden Help.ie

The lovely people over at Garden Help are making hay while the sun shines! Using their voucher we have packaged up a winning combination of:

All of this for €2500!

Limerick Boutique

Assisting a Limerick boutique that is already selling to add online and social selling by:

All of this for €2500!

Learn Social Media Like A Pro Elite Plus

Not just our top selling online social media course, with coaching, but now with added oomph:

Regular price €5k - reduced rate now €2000

Has this inspired you on how what you can do with your vouchers? That €2,500 can go a long way to helping your business bounce back post Covid!

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