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I am committed to blogging more through video in 2017. Here's hoping I'm a bit better in 2017 than I was in these out takes for Brightspark Academy online course.

The moment I discovered I’m not the best YouTuber… but a darn good teacher! Check out Brightspark Academy here:


So it turns out that when you’re making about 3 hours and 40 minutes of online social media training lessons, you’re going to make mistakes. A lot of mistakes.

But I’d like to state here now, that I am committed to blogging a lot more through video in 2017, so you’ll be seeing a lot more video and a little less text. Here’s hoping that I’m just a bit better in 2017 than I was in these videos!

Want some help adding video to your messaging?

We’re just switching and we have lots of learnings made during Brightspark Academy which we are happy to share.

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