Tools For Making Great Social Media Content

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I'm going to share with you some of my favourite tools that we use here at Brightspark for making great Social Media content.

Here are some of our favourite tools that we use here at Brightspark for making great Social Media content and for making our lives easy!

  • If I had to write a love letter to one single app that has been with me for most of my Brightspark life, it’s LastPass ❤️ I used the free version for years, and moved over to paid when my team grew and I brought on more consultants. LastPass is like a trusted member of the family who remembers all the passwords just like your grandmother remembers birthdays. Trusted. Discreet. Reliable. You simply store all your usernames and passwords in the encrypted vault, and never have to remember a password ever again!
  • Zapier – because we are all about efficiency and productivity! Our top tip? Try using Zapier, an automation tool that integrates all your most used apps seamlessly to automate your workflow and streamline your systems.
  • Be.Live is great for livestreaming but Facebook only. If you want a good livestreaming tool that works across platforms including TikTok, try Loola.
  • Tool of the moment is Zoom. It’s been our favourite for online meetings and webinars for a long time now. Covid19 has propelled it into use by everybody which is great because it’s so reliable.

There are lots  more tools that you can use to make your content look great, and to save you time. If you’re starting out and you want to create really good social media content. Check out my Content Creation online course, it’s €99 and it includes everything you need to save time and start posting consistently great content.

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