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Something you can do now to help you get back post Covid: get great testimonials. Here's how to do it.

I’ve been doing a lot of work mentoring all kinds of businesses lately. It’s been quite exciting working with business owners who are taking this Covid time in their stride and introducing new ways of bringing their product to market, or bringing their product to an entirely new market in a new way. Something that has come up quite often is the need to get good testimonials. 

Why Every Business Needs Testimonials

The Best Type Of Testimonial

Video testimonials where the person is doing their thing while saying nice things about you is the ultimate type of testimonial.

People get to see the person in their natural habitat. It increases the authenticity and is the type of testimonial you should aim for if you are a real high achiever. 

James Livingstone Wallace is a quinoa importer. Here he is talking about our online social media training course from a field in Peru! The ultimate testimonial. See if you can reach these heights for your business!

Video testimonials where the person is speaking highly about you, but maybe is shot against a white wall or a clean background are next. 

All these videos should have captions added because 83% of people watch video with the sound turned off. Hopefully the words of the testimonial will be sufficient to entice these viewers to turn the sound on, and then they get to hear about how great you are. Our top free online tools for captions are reviewed here.

If your client is too busy to make a video for you, or they are shy in front of the camera, the next best type of testimonial is an image. What you need to do here is ask them for the testimonial (we’ve got a great post over here on how to do that with 0% awkwardness).

What you need to do now is design up a lovely looking image that you can use for all of your testimonials. Canva is a good tool for that. It’s important to have space for the client’s name and photo on it, as well as their logo. The logo is social proof and will strike a chord deep down in the subconscious.

Marketing Consultant Testimonial
Business Testimonial B2B
maynooth college testimonial

When you’ve got lovely visual testimonials like these, you can share them all over the place! Add them to your website, to proposals, to slide decks, and schedule them as a content type in your social media. 

What You Can Do Now

Make a list of people you are going to contact to ask for a testimonial. Look back over past invoices paid to stimulate your memory! Consider who would be willing to make a video for you and make a special ask of them to do a video testimonial. For all others, follow our advice in the post on how to ask for testimonials and go out and ask for them today. Trust me – when you do this, you will not regret it. It’s such a joy to get lovely words back from clients you have delivered for and they don’t mind doing it.

Make a Plan

take the first step

If you need a little pep talk to help you go and do it, give us a call on 087 799 8066, or contact us and we’ll try to help.

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