Do You Target Northern Ireland On Twitter?

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Here's our workaround for anyone who's ever needed to target NI on Twitter ads, but failed to do so.

If so, I’ve solved a potential head wrecker for you.

Problem: you market a product that targets the island of Ireland. You have an interest in being found in Belfast, Ballycastle, as well as Ballymun, Brittas, and Belmullet.

Twitter Ads allows you to target “Ireland” which is the 26 counties. But when you try “Northern Ireland” it firmly maintains its southern stance and gives you only Donegal as an option.

northern ireland target twitter ads


You’d be mad to target the whole of the United Kingdom and hope that our Northern brothers and sisters find you. And when you go back to Twitter for help, that’s what they initially tell you to do. #PoorService

twitter ads target NI

A little persistence does get the answer.

Solution: type in a postcode for the city or town you’re after, and boom – you’re on!



This little workaround the Twitter ads platform, brought to you by Brightspark on the day that the new Twitter ads platform launched.

If you would like to reach an audience, NI or otherwise, using Twitter ads, be sure to get in touch. We’re ace at ads, and we can extract value out of all budgets, big or small.

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