3 Ways To Update Your Summer Social Media Marketing

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Summer social media marketing can be fun! 3 great examples of great brands tweaking content for the warmer months.

We are into the second month of summer, and some of you may feel like your social media strategy is on a holiday of its own. Your usual audience have jetted off to places far and wide, plus those left behind are too distracted by good weather to check your updates.

What is a social media marketer to do?

Just because your audience is slightly more preoccupied during these fairer months there is plenty you can do. Summer social media marketing can be fun and engaging, try these 3 ideas:

summer social media

1. Talk Holidays

Why avoid the elephant in the room? Your social audience is already talking about the weather, their planned holidays and more, so get in the conversation!

If you can give a tip or provide some summer fun even better. This example from Tesco shows how sharing a small piece of themed content can give you an out-of-the-ordinary engagement.

2. Run A Summer Themed Promotion

If you normally run promotions across your social media, use this as an opportunity to have some fun with the community.  Like what Maxol did recently on Facebook.

summer social media

We recently worked with Maxol on a summer social media marketing campaign that was all about holidays. Fans on its Facebook page simply had to chat about where they were going this summer to be in with a chance to win a €100 fuel voucher. A simple mechanic with a prize that is useful all year round, but people loved the chance to talk about something so current. And we even got to feedback some of the answers to the community in a fun infographic!

summer social media

Engagement was high without doing anything radical. So even if your product is a year-rounder you can tweak your promotion to suit the sunnier months.

3. Get Mobile Friendly

Research shows that social media users are 20% more likely to browse on mobile during summer months. You should always be working with mobile in mind anyway, but when people are out and about more this becomes increasingly important.

SuperValu Ireland ran a summer social media marketing promotion this summer where fans can send in their recipes and cooking tips to win a voucher, #goodfoodkarma. Applying the 90: 9: 1 rule here is handy.  SuperValu has 166k fans on Facebook, so they can be sure that 1,660 people will submit user generated content.  This is a very important little bit of maths to do.  If your fan base is closer to 15,000 – don’t rely on user generated content as the most you’ll get will be about 150 entries!  SuperValu has done a nice job of sharing back the foodie content and is using videos uploaded to the native Facebook player (another plus) which means mobile users can watch in their Facebook app.

summer social media
Feeling Inspired Yet?

These are just three simple ways that you can use summer as a source of content for your social media strategy this summer, but there are plenty more. If you think your social media strategy could use some fresh thinking get in touch! We have lots of ideas and can surely help you jump on board the summer social media marketing bandwagon!

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