3 St. Patrick’s Day Campaigns We Love

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St Patrick's Day is a great opportunity to create some fun content to engage with your audience, particularly if that audience is in the category of "loves Ireland". Here are 3 who did it right in 2017.

With St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, there’ll be some great campaigns promoting the island of Ireland, to be sure to be sure!

Here are three St Patrick’s Day campaigns that grabbed our attention.


1. Guinness Storehouse & Airbnb

The first St. Patrick’s Day campaign is brought to you by the joint forces of Guinness Storehouse and Airbnb. I’ve always said the best competitions are the likes of which no money can buy, and this one takes the prize! You can win a night in the world famous Gravity Bar on top of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. What’s novel about this is the hook up with AirBnB and it’s positioned as a ‘studio apartment’ with a full 360-degree panoramic view of Dublin city. Not only that, but the winner gets a VIP tour of the brewery and a Guinness-themed private dinner by an executive chef. More events follow the next morning. This is one scenario where Guinness really IS good for you!

St Patrick's Day Campaigns  St Patrick's Day Campaigns

As you can imagine, the amenities don’t include your typical ‘kitchen, washer, dryer’ but they’ve added a television and a ‘laptop friendly workspace’ to the bar (although I can’t imagine the winner doing much sitting at a screen during their stay when the city of Dublin sparkles beneath your feet!).

St Patrick's Day Campaigns  St Patrick's Day Campaigns

House rules include the usual ‘no pets’ with a couple of extra ones that Airbnb has probably never seen before: ‘drink responsibly, no dancing on the bar, lights out’ (to see the stars of course).

To win the chance to be the first ever person to spend the night in ‘Ireland’s most exclusive bedroom’, there’s a quiz question. And you can find it over here.

Not only is this aspirational, it’s also quite topical here in Dublin where shortage of rental properties is quite an issue.


2. Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland has released its annual round-up of buildings that have turned green. With breathtaking drone footage of beautiful Irish landscapes and time lapses of some of the biggest tourism hotspots, it’s easy on the eye and very hard not to share! After watching, you’re left with the charming idea: although the world goes green for St. Patrick’s Day, every day is green in Ireland.  Nice work lads!


3. Vagabond Tours of Ireland

Our friends (and client!) over at Vagabond Tours have more than one St Patrick’s Day goody up their sleeves.  Here’s the one we worked on with them.  A neat little animated infographic Top Warning Signs That You Are Actually Really Irish! From top to bottom, the list will have anyone who’s got an ounce of Irish in them nodding in agreement. We had fun working on this one – parodying the Irish goodbye, amongst other tics.  Keep your eye on Vagabond’s Facebook Page today and tomorrow for more cool St Patrick’s Day goings on.

You know you're Irish when...


St Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland – it’s something we all get excited about here. It’s a great opportunity to create some fun content to engage with your audience, particularly if that audience is in the category of “loves Ireland”.

We think these three did it just right! What about you? Have you seen others that have made you smile?

Wishing everyone a great St. Patrick’s Day!

And don’t forget, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2017, you can get a shamrockin’ €200 off my online course, Learn Social Media Like A Pro.

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