How To Use Social Media To Win Local Election

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In the run up to #LocalElections2019 I'm sharing what I know on how to win using a successful social media campaign. Beginning with platform choice, get your assets in order, and make video.

Links mentioned in the video:

Video Content

0.59 Why am I doing this?

2.21 Get your assets in order – https, hashtags, platform?

6.23 Fix up your Twitter profile

6.52 Instagram is not so scary!


9.58 Facebook page types

13.27 Bonus points for Facebook Messenger

15.32  Content funnel

Recommended kit for making videos 

20.39 What to do now?

21.12 Publishing tools – take your pick

I like Social Bee. (note this is an affiliate link)

Contact us if you need more help.

Scroll down for links to the rest of this series 👇


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