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Got a marketing team? Need to get them more focused on digital? We play well with in-house marketing teams, after all we are the same tribe!

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Digital Marketing Strategy

A good digital marketing strategy should answer the questions of who you’re going after, where they hang out, and importantly set targets on how you’re going to measure success. 

  • Competitive Environment
    We will research your key competitors, national and global, and deconstruct their digital activity. This will form a baseline for your activity.
  • Strategy Workshop
    Invite all stakeholders and let's get into the heads of your target audience. Personas plus content motivations overlaid with your business objectives.
  • Strategy Document
    All of the research and discussion brought together into one clear document that sets out your objectives and measures for the proposed activity.

Why have a strategy? 

  • Focuses the team on what's important
  • Influences how you spend time and money
  • Provides clarity and direction
  • Facilitates future planning

Get our support and experience while your team implements

Digital Marketing Mentoring

Armed with your new digital marketing strategy, you might need a little help implementing. 

We work with in-house marketing teams to support them to deliver results. 

  • Meeting to identify resources required to implement the plan
  • Support provided to assist with anything that is new to your team
  • Monthly call to check that the delivereables are on target.

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case study

Tusla Case Study

Full strategy process including competitor research, personas and alignment with overall organisation goals as we supported Tusla Comms team to join the conversation on Twitter.

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