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For many of us, YouTube is a place to go for learning. But how many times have you faced videos of 10 mins + and you want to get through it already?Here's a great tip on how to speed up YouTube videos so you can still get the knowledge, but in super quick time.

Power Tip: Watch YouTube Videos At Speed

YouTube is the go-to place for learning how to do things. Whether it’s puppy training, DIY, or technical social media, it’s where we all go to find out how. But how many times have you reached a video that you know has your answer, and it’s like 12 minutes long! You don’t have the time to stick around and listen to the YouTuber tell you what they are going to do. Just do it!  Tell me how, stop wasting my time.

So here’s a great tip that not a lot of people know on how to speed up the delivery of your YouTube videos. I use this all the time, to listen at speed – let’s say to the intro, and when it gets to place where my answer lies, I slow it down to normal and away we go.

I listen at 1.75x, but you might try 1.5x if you’re just starting to learn in this way.

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