Rebrand and Marketing Strategy for an Industry Leader Case Study

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How we helped a leader in their industry rebrand and roll out a marketing strategy in order to expand their business internationally.

Thor Duct ® (formerly known as SAFE-4) is the market leader in compliant fire safety ductwork. With strong business growth in Ireland and the UK, they were looking to mainland Europe and beyond in order to continue to expand the business. Brightspark Consulting was hired late in 2018 to carry out a strategic review of the international market in order to develop and launch a marketing strategy to lead the next phase of growth. We consulted directly with the management team throughout the planning and various stages of implementation.

The Goal

Thor Duct ®’s management team came to the realisation that to support their next phase of growth they needed to communicate the Thor Duct ® story to all ventilation markets in Europe and to win market share by improving and addressing their marketing strategy.

Our Strategy


While SAFE4 was known in Ireland and the UK, it faced a major hurdle in Europe as the name was already in use by an industrial cleaning company. The decision was made to rebrand the business as Thor Duct ®.  A new identity and website was created to clearly enunciate the product offer and licensing opportunity.


  • Building strong profiles for the key members of the management team was the starting point for launching demand generation activities. Their personalities and track record were a USP for the business, so transforming their LinkedIn profiles as well as implementing a consistent connections and content strategy added real value to position Thor Duct ® well amongst the key players in the market. 
  • Launching a brand new domain is difficult from an SEO point of view as Google favours older domains and doesn’t tend to rank new ones. Multilingual marketing also comes with its own challenges.
  • The separation and identification of keywords for buying and informational intent as well as confirming the creation of content around these topics was our favoured approach. The website content was strengthened by a consistent mix of both technical and story-telling content. A CRM system was selected and introduced to the business.  
  • While waiting on SEO work to take effect, we set up Google Ads campaigns across 6 countries in five different languages.  We used a combination of Google Search Ads running Alpha/Beta and Single Keyword Ad Groups to optimise the campaigns.
  • We created a sales funnel targeting Nordic factory owners utilising illustration, video, and lead magnets. Paid social and targeted LinkedIn contacts have been used to drive contacts into the top of the funnel. An automated email funnel was created to engage top of funnel contacts. Regular communication is now possible with multiple audiences and the outbound email list is growing.

The Results

Since introducing a consistent content and search oriented marketing strategy, there has been an increase in the number of enquiries coming from the website, interest from potential new licensees with a new licensee signed up within the first three months plus positive feedback from stakeholders. In addition, there has a significant increase in inbound interaction from influencers who avail of CPD training which leads to Thor Duct ® being placed as the product of choice for compliance. 

Website visits, session duration, and website enquiries are all up month-on-month. LinkedIn profile views, contacts, and post engagement are significantly higher. Brightspark Consulting has successfully positioned the company to operate from a strong marketing base, and is now looking to further develop the marketing activity and increase the number of enquiries coming in from potential licensees on an on-going basis.

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