Politics & Elections

Multiple campaign wins

  • Our competitive insights have revealed the social media strategy being used by some of the world’s most successful political parties including The Conservatives (UK) and The Labour Party (NZ).
  • We have conducted strategic reviews for major political parties. We have helped multiple candidates running for office to win seats.  
  • We have been delivering award winning social media campaigns for brands since social began. It makes sense to transfer our social media expertise to helping politicians and campaign managers run winning election campaigns.

The track record is there: we can help your candidate by producing strong video, images, and social media messaging. 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Politics & Election Campaigns

election strategies 

Global strategic analysis for political parties, with key messaging and planning to suit internal capabilities and competitor activity.
Outputs of strategy includes social media channels, KPI's for content messaging, allocation of responsibility, budgets, and campaign timing.

social media content

We love to produce exceptional content that brings policies to life by means of short form video, visual content, and clear messaging for sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We coach candidates to perform at their best on social media. 

paid social ads

Amplifying messages using paid social ads and Google Ads. We’ve been running Facebook and Instagram ads since 2017, and we have all the smarts to play well with Facebook's constantly changing rules for political advertising. 


Sometimes going live and speaking directly to an audience is what it takes to convert on the fence voters. Ask us about clever use of livestreams in the days before election campaigns that have convinced voters to take action.

email marketing 

Email marketing and conversational chatbots to drive engagement and get votes. Part of the political digital playbook. Ask us about email automation templates designed to engage your target audience.


We'll review your website and ensure that it is fit for purpose and consistent with your social messaging. 

Case study

General Secretary Win Trade Union

How we helped INTO candidate turn around from 16% of the vote to 56% in just three weeks. 

Election coming up? 

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