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Changes afoot at everyone's favourite B2B social selling platform (LinkedIn) and here's what you need to know on the new look LinkedIn profile 2018 edition.

Changes afoot at everyone’s favourite B2B social selling platform (LinkedIn) and here’s what you need to know on the new look LinkedIn profile 2018 edition.

Overall the new LinkedIn profile looks a lot better

  1. The headshot has got bigger and has moved to the left.  If you previously had a custom image designed to sit neatly against your background image, you’ll need to fix that.  What do you mean you didn’t have a background image?  They’ve been around a while now, if you haven’t got one – choose one of you in action or an illustration that refers to what you do, and upload it now.
  2. Headline and location have also moved left – and you’ve got room for more characters. It presents a lot better in that you don’t have to stretch across one wide line as before.  The text carries over onto a new line. It’s always a good idea to spend time updating your headline as it is the single most important part of your LinkedIn profile – updated for 2018 or not!
  3. All important summary intro has increased. Spend time on re-writing your summary intro. You’ve now more room to display your abilities as the character count has increased from 200 to around 290.
  4. Media in your summary – now shows up to 6. Before it was 3. So select some videos, presentations, or images to include here.
  5. Current job and education has been moved up to sit right.  It shows your first university by default, if you want it to show your most recent, you’ll need to re-order down in the education section.


Not too much work for us, as this is one update that had the UX people at LinkedIn working late at night. I’m really pleased with the way that adheres much more to how we actually consume information online. Gone is the centred layout of old in favour of more of an F shape which is how we actually read online.

The mobile experience hasn’t rolled out yet. Be sure to check how your changes you make for desktop appear on mobile before you consider this particular update done.

Don’t know what I’m talking about with my F ref?

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