2021 Short Courses

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Ready to save money on social media ads? This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to set up and manage successful campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn - without breaking the bank. Led by industry veteran Maryrose Lyons, this course offers the latest targeting strategies, creative techniques, budget optimisation tactics, and timing tips derived from years of real-world experience.

5 Lessons - Intermediate


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This is the ChatGPT course everyone is talking about! The first marketing course that includes advanced ChatGPT prompts for research, idea generation, content creation, analysis, and personalisation. Hands-on practice.

5 Lessons - Easy

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Ready to unlock the power of LinkedIn?
Our complete course has got you covered! Say goodbye to confusion and hello to your dream job with expert guidance on Profiles, Connections, Engagement, and Content.

18 Lessons - Easy